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Ride With Banquet: Coors Sponsors Rodeo Arenas in Small Towns

Cowboy Lifestyle highlights the Coors Banquet Rodeo Program. Learn how arena sponsorship helps communities and the importance of rodeo in small-town America.

Coors_RodeoCoors is an established beer company that is known for its American values and its excellent beer. This is the beer that hard-working Americans have been reaching for decades when relaxing with family and friends, and it is a product sold at many concerts, sporting events and rodeos across the country.

In an effort to reach out to its customers and to support small-town communities, there is now a Coors sponsorship rodeo arena in small-town program that is transforming small-town life in several communities across the United States.

The Importance of Rodeo in Small Town America

In small towns across the country, families from across the community and from outlying areas regularly come together for rodeo events. These are local or regional rodeo events that bring those from outlying areas into a community for days and evenings of festivities. The festivities include traditional events like calf-roping and barrel racing as well as bull riding and others. Rodeo is part of the culture of small towns, and small towns are the backbone of America. These are communities that retain and cherish values like hard work and ethics, and the Coors sponsorship rodeo arena in small-town program is supporting communities.

How Arena Sponsorships Help Communities

tumblr-coorsrodeoIn some smaller communities, the Coors Banquet Rodeo Program has resulted in the construction of rodeo arenas that otherwise would not have been constructed. Many arenas are constructed by local companies or by the government, but funds are not always available to do so. With arena sponsorship from Coors, these facilities would not be built. The communities, including in Amarillo and Boulder, would not have arenas where rodeos could be hosted. With the construction of these arenas, communities can come together regularly in a dedicated facility, and the facility space could be leased out for other special events. This truly is a benefit to these communities, and other communities may benefit from construction in the future.

Coors is a company that is dedicated to promoting American values and in giving back to communities. Rodeo is a hallmark of small-town life, and it is a true tradition that those of all ages can enjoy. Through the Coors sponsorship rodeo arena in small-town program, arenas are being constructed in communities with financial benefits from Coors. In this way, Coors is able to give back to the communities that have supported it over the years. Cowboy Lifestyle Network thanks Coors for everything they do for rodeo and the Western lifestyle.

Meet the Banquet Rough Riders

“The Banquet Rough Riders are some of the toughest and hardest working athletes in rodeo. Sure, there will be bumps, bruises and broken bones. But when the dust settles, they all want the same thing: to keep the cowboy spirit alive.” – Coors Banquet

Meet the Banquet Rough Rider team as they discuss their careers and what the rodeo means to them. Some of the team members include Fallon Taylor, Beau Hill, Dustin Flundra, Matt Reeves and the Minor brothers.

See more Rough Rider videos here:

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