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Country Music Monday: Drake White Freestylin’ It

Drake White has been on a musical journey that has taken him all around this great country, and he hasn’t slowed down one bit. Meeting him at a county fair, I was immediately drawn to his soulful sound and personality.

Getting the chance to hang with the boys from Banded Nation was a blast in itself, and on that crisp fall day after interviewing their lead man Chad Belding he invited me to hop over a town and see a concert of a guy. Chad said this guy was absolutely fantastic on stage, so how could I say no?

Drake White & the Big Fire
Britt – Gotta B Country Radio
Chad Belding – Banded Nation

Within a short moment we were pulling up on the fairgrounds, and I was introduced to Drake White and his band The Big Fire. We ended up in the band trailer getting to hear a couple of songs before the performance. Drake does a bit of freestyling within his songs and who knew these would be such a hit on YouTube?!

Fast forward thru two albums, countless shows, and millions of social media posts later, Drake established his “Freestyle Fridays.” This is where he creates a song on the fly, and it usually includes where he is and what has been going on in his week.  Super impressive if you ask me! So when we met up in Las Vegas when Drake played the Freemont Street Experience, he was so awesome to give us a lil freestyle shout out after our interview! Here is that clip:

I can’t thank Drake White enough for all his hospitality and the impressive lyrical clip, and we can’t wait to hear the new music he has lined up to come out in 2019! Will continue to cross my fingers that it has more of that soulful sound and freestyle ways!

Facebook: @DrakeWhiteMusic
Instagram: @drakewhitestomp

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