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Country Music Singer Ned LeDoux

Ned LeDoux is carrying on his father’s country music legacy and having a fantastic singing career of his own. Check out more here about Ned’s latest events.

In the world of country music, there are some names that when heard automatically earn respect and recognition. Such is the case with the last name of LeDoux, which most fans associate with the late great country singer and rodeo champion Chris LeDoux. However, in today’s country music world, fans are focused on Chris’ son Ned, who has carved out quite a career for himself. Having grown up in a musical family, Ned LeDoux first got a taste of fame while playing drums for his dad’s band Western Underground. When his dad passed away from cancer in 2005, Ned continued on with his career by touring with Western Underground for several more years. Now ready to head out on his own, Ned has plenty of big plans ahead for himself and his music.

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No “Plan B”

As soon as he picked up the drumsticks and got in front of an audience, Ned knew he wanted to do nothing else but entertain people with his music. Going full steam ahead with no “Plan B,” Ned worked hard to establish himself as one of country music’s rising stars. Being influenced by the likes of country music stars such as the Charlie Daniels Band as well as legendary rock groups like Led Zeppelin, Ned LeDoux demonstrates with each performance how dedication and passion for one’s craft can result in success.

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Making It On His Own

Even though his dad’s passing has been bittersweet in many ways, Ned knows that some fans may still see him as simply the son of Chris LeDoux. However, by embracing his heritage, Ned has carved out a solo career that is taking the country music world by storm. With his new album titled “Forever A Cowboy,” Ned sings songs that come straight from the heart, and are sure to capture the hearts and minds of his growing number of fans.

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Upcoming Shows

Some of his upcoming tour stops include:

  • Ned LeDoux @ The Whiskey Baron Dance Hall & Saloon |
  • Ned LeDoux @ Pierce County Fairgrounds | Sat, Aug 1 @ 7:00PM
  • Ned LeDoux @ Juab County Fairgrounds | Thu, Aug 6 @ 7:00PM
  • Ned LeDoux @ Box Butte County Fair | Sat, Aug 8 @ 8:00PM

For more information, visit

Having received rave reviews for his previous shows, Ned realizes how important it is to keep the spirit of Chris LeDoux alive and well with his music. If the early reviews of his album and concerts are any indication, it’s clear he and his dad have plenty to be proud of.

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