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Top Refreshing Summertime Drink Recipes: Cowboy Float

Refreshing Summertime Drink Recipe: Cowboy Float

Ok, I made this name up, but it’s very apropos, especially during the summertime.  If I was a cowboy looking for a sweet finish to a hardy meal with my beer, a cowboy float might just be the perfect answer.

Refreshing Summertime Drink Recipe: Cowboy Float

What’s a “Cowboy Float” you’re thinking?  Well, it’s simple. It’s beer and ice cream.  But don’t be fooled. It requires the right beer and the right ice cream.  Sure, you could create it with Coors Banquet and standard vanilla ice cream (and we’re sure it will be really good).  But we recommend you go the extra mile and get the following…

  • 6 pack of Huss Koffee Kolsch
  • 6 pack of Huss Orange Blossom
  • 1 pint of old-fashioned vanilla ice cream
  • 2 frosted mugs

So these beers are our two favorites (and you can’t go wrong to have a six-pack of each in your fridge at all times) to make a cowboy float with.  The Koffee Kulsch is our favorite to have as a float, you can understand why.

Refreshing Summertime Drink Recipe - Cowboy Float

The Orange Blossom though, this one tastes just like the orange sickle ice cream pop we used to get when the ice cream man would drive up our street.  But everyone’s tastes are unique, and you need to make this to your personal preference. If you like a heavy stout beer, roll with it.

Refreshing Summertime Drink Recipe - Cowboy Float Simply take two nice scoops of your vanilla ice cream and place them in the frosted mugs.  Slowly and carefully add your beer of choice.

Refreshing Summertime Drink Recipe - Cowboy Float

You must be patient with this process, otherwise, you’ll be cleaning the countertop for the next few minutes.

Once you have an equal distribution of ingredients, slowly mix with spoon….and enjoy!

We promise if you make this at your next BBQ, camp outing, or just the next meal you make at home, it’s sure to be a huge success!

Refreshing Summertime Drink Recipe - Cowboy Float

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