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Cowboy Gear By Lindsey Kelly Leatherworks

Things just aren’t made like they used to be. We’ve heard it a lot, but until you live a lifestyle that requires more grit than the average person has, you don’t really understand the depth of this statement. That’s where makers like Lindsey Kelly come in handy. Kelly is the entrepreneur behind Kelly Leatherworks and makes tack that’s built to last, and that’s not just a slogan.

Kelly sells various items including hobbles, breast collars, headstalls, cinches, and more, from her Instagram and Facebook page. Each of her items is handmade from start to finish with help from local and small-scale metal workers for hardware. Her background story doesn’t lead us directly to leatherworking in the southwest, but she found her way there quickly. What started as a horse-obsessed kid from the midwest translated into a talented hand with a horse and a work ethic that’s hard to find these days. She even did a stint as her college mascot which required her to be dressed as a jockey and ride a lap around the field every time her team scored. She now lives the cowboy lifestyle and makes the gear to go with it.

As the pandemic really got rolling, Lindsey Kelly needed to figure out a way to make a little extra money, and leatherwork was something she had always wanted to dabble in. She went to one of the best-known leatherworking duos in Arizona and maybe the whole southwest, Ty and Amber Barton. Kelly is one of those types who doesn’t mind asking questions, and so she asked to learn how they created the name they have. The Bartons are known for making tack that is tough, stylish, and is built to last generations, and Kelly wanted to learn the correct way, their way, to do things. With the training Kelly received from the Bartons, she can create something for you with their quality and attention to detail and give it her own flair.

Not only is her work something that you can pass on to your kids, but it’s also stylish and customizable. When she’s not riding her training horses, she is in her leather shop working on mostly custom orders which she never seems to lack. She’s a busy person, but her work is worth waiting for.

You can find her on Facebook or Instagram. Send her a message on either platform and get your orders in today! It will be money VERY well spent.

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With a life entrenched in the western lifestyle and agriculture, my goal is to share worthwhile, intriguing, and exciting stories of the rodeo world, ranchers and farmers, the outdoor lifestyle, and more. Currently, I reside on a working cattle ranch in the iconic Superstition Mountains in Arizona where I like to jump in and play cowgirl when I’m not sharing the stories of the cowboy lifestyle. Follow me on Instagram or TikTok!

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