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Cowgirl Fashion Featuring Desert Air Jewelry

Artist Shannon Myers is hard at work creating the most exquisite, affordable, and one-of-a-kind hand-crafted jewelry. Shannon is the founder of Desert Air Jewelry located in Fallon, Nevada. She has countless pieces of jewelry she creates by hand including a variety of turquoise, opal, Rosarita stone, buffalo stone, lapis stone, onyx stone, and several other precious stones. No stone is the same, they all have their own story and are mined out of Nevada. She pairs the stones with different elements such as sterling silver, copper, or leather creating a beautiful design for her customers.

Supplied by Shannon Myers

The desert has always had a place in Shannon’s heart. She was born in Nevada and then was transplanted to California where her father ran a huge ranch. Later that ranch was sold and she found her way back to Fallon, Nevada where she grew up and resides today. To this day Shannon sees what beauty and treasures lay within the Nevada desert. Which is the inspiration for all of her designs.

Shannon’s father was an avid horseman and rancher, in other words, “he was one of the good ol’ cowboys”. Shannon is so thankful her father instilled that way of life in her, even though as a teenager she might’ve disagreed while having to spend summers gathering cows and branding when everyone else slept in. Today, she wouldn’t want it any other way and is blessed to have the background she does.

Supplied by Shannon Myers

Shannon grew up around rodeos and horse shows. She loved to visit all of the jewelry booths that would leave her in awe. Her father had a good friend that was a jeweler and when he came to visit he always had a box of love that Shannon was lucky enough to choose from. That’s where her love affair with turquoise and jewelry started. 

After twenty-seven years of doing hair for a living Shannon decided she was going to finally learn silversmithing. Shannon did just that, gave it a go and she hasn’t put her torch down since. In recent years, she’s had lots of time to work on her jewelry and discovered that this was all she really wanted to do. So she took the plunge, quit doing hair, and started making jewelry full-time.

Supplied by Shannon Myers

Shannon feels like jewelry should tell a story. Shannon stated, “I love to know where every single stone I buy comes from. Jewelry has a journey, from the stone being pulled out of the ground to being cut from a slab of rock to a beautifully polished cab. Then bought and brought to life! Some stones just call to me and I know exactly what I want to do with them. Others I have to ponder on for a while. But inspiration is everywhere. It’s in nature, texture, color, and lifestyle. I really just try to bring the best out of the stone.” 

(Supplied by Shannon Myers)

Shannon’s jewelry line is one-of-a-kind and made with love. Shannon stated, “My style is pretty simple. I try to take the old western style and make it fresh. I love to make turquoise jewelry for everyone. I love it when someone says “oh I didn’t think I liked turquoise, but I love this”. I use the highest quality stones, cut by a professional lapidary artist. My small business supports a lot of other makers, artists, and family businesses. I take pride in everything I make, and just hope someone will say “I need that!”. I want my jewelry to be something personal and that people wear every day, not just for a special occasion”. 

Supplied by Shannon Myers

Shannon’s business goal for 2022 is to continue to grow as a business and as an artist. You never stop learning in life and there’s always room for growth and improvement. Shannon let us know why she’s so passionate about Desert Air Jewelry, “My why is to do something I love and that I’m passionate about every day. I want to make a little piece of jewelry that brings joy to someone. Tells a story of who they are. I want to stay motivated and grow so I can continue to do this for as long as possible.” 

Supplied by Shannon Myers

Desert Air Jewelry has several collections of the jewelry listed from earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and hats. You can make any of the pieces from Desert Air Jewelry a staple in your everyday look. You can dress it up or down, as it is very versatile. To take a look at Shannon’s exquisite jewelry and to make a purchase please visit Desert Air Jewelry is also sold in person at the Free Bird Lifestyle Boutique located at 601 S. Maine St., Fallon, Nevada 89406. Be sure to follow Desert Air Jewelry on Facebook, @desertairjewelry, and on Instagram, @desertairjewelry. 

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