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Crow Fair Celebration Pow Wow and Rodeo 2017

The 2017 Crow Fair Powwow and Rodeo takes place at Crow Agency, Montana August 16th – 21st. come join in on the powwow, parade, rodeo and horse races!

Get ready for the 2017 Crow Fair Powwow and Rodeo, taking place at Crow Agency, Montana from August 16th – 21st. Included in the fun will be a four day powwow, parade, rodeo and horse races. As one of the biggest Powwows in the country, this colorful Native American event is put together by the The Apsรกalooke people of the Crow Indian Reservation. With a setting in the “Tipi Capital of the world” there will be more than 50,000 competitors and visitors.


Created in 1904 by an agent of the Indian government, its purpose was to bring members of the Crow Tribe into modern society by settling down and supporting themselves. It was originally an agricultural fair to highlight livestock and produce. The Crow Fair Rodeo was also a part of the early fair.
As the largest Native American gathering in the country, it is thought of as a “giant family reunion under the Big Sky.” In 2011, it was named by Austin Little Light, the Fair Manager, “the teepee capital of the world” with over 1,500 teepees in the campground; many other tribes of Native Americans set up their teepees at the event.


Some of the events in this year’s Crow Fair Powwow and Rodeo include;

  • Powwow
  • Crow Fair Morning Parade
  • Crow Fair Rodeo
  • Tribal Dancing
  • Drum Competitions
  • Horse Racing

The Morning Parade happens every day at the fair; women and princesses on horseback, often in old heirloom saddles of rawhide and bone, are dressed in traditional clothing and shields as they move along in a caravan. Cars and trucks are also part of the procession, and multiple generations, from newborns to elders, are included in the parade.

Rodeo and relay racing are also part of the events; the Crow Fair Rodeo relay racing on horses traces back to the day when the warriors had to jump on their horses to escape their enemies.

Dancing, with the Crow tribe in traditional regalia, is made up of many tribes performing during the Powwow. Enjoy the style of the Crow dancers, which is also traditional in nature.

Other Things to Do in the Area

While in Crow Agency, visit the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. The Custer Battlefield Trading Post and Cafe are also popular destinations. You can also take an Apsaalooke Tour to learn more about the culture and history of the area.
Covering the Crow Fair Powwow and Rodeo as the media team are Cowboy Lifestyle Network, the leading online source and community for everything Western and Country; Ak-Chin Indian Community; Earnhardt Auto Centers and Papa John’s Road Team. Enjoy the spirit and culture of the Crow Nation at this unique and inspiring Powwow and Rodeo.

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