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Equine and canine therapy has been around for some time now. Have you heard about bovine therapy though? The time is now, the Dolly Star Foundation is a nonprofit foundation and is breaking ground. This unique foundation is introducing bovine therapy, yes cow therapy. Dolly Star is in town in Chandler, Arizona and she’s a gorgeous mini white park heifer. She is a miniature stature and is a compact size which allows for flexibility and a realistic way to travel to a variety of facilities. Dolly Star has been showered with love and is trained to be the perfect companion. Dolly may be small but she sure is mighty with a heart full of love to share with everyone around. 

Photo credit: Dolly Star Foundation

Karin Boyle is the power-woman behind Dolly Star Foundation. Karin is an Arizona native and the daughter of a dairyman. Last year Karin’s father was facing some health challenges. Karin would visit her father and he’d always mention how much he missed being around cows like back when he was a dairyman. This gave Karin some thought and she ran with it.

Karin Boyle with Dolly Star – Photo credit: Dolly Star Foundation

After much research, Karin came to discover that in the Netherlands, cows are used for cuddle therapy because of their higher body temperature, lower heart rate, and their gentle nature making them the perfect candidate for a relaxing cuddle session. Cow cuddlers stimulate the social bonding hormone which is the release of oxytocin while having a relaxing experience, calming the nerves. This bonding experience has been shown to benefit the cows as well with the animals showing signs of deep relaxation. 

Photo credit: Dolly Star Foundation

Karin knew that not only her father would benefit from cow therapy but so many other people would too. After much time of doing research, Karin found Dolly Star and she has been busy and hard at work training Dolly. It has been discovered that mini marshmallows are one of Dolly’s favorite treats! Dolly will be six months old on February 1st and she has already brought her ‘brand’ of therapy to memory care facilities, schools and sometimes you’ll catch her at the farmers market in Gilbert, Arizona. 

Photo credit: Dolly Star Foundation

Dolly has a supportive team of loving individuals who volunteer their time when she ventures out in the community since it takes more than one person to do so. The Dolly Star Foundation is always looking for more individuals who might want to join the team in growing the foundation. Karin also wants to make sure that everyone who wants a visit from Dolly Star can get one. That’s why she started the Dolly Star Foundation. There is no cost for facilities to schedule a visit from Dolly, but that means that the foundation relies on the generosity of others to cover the cost of the care, training, and transport of this beautiful mini heifer. The Dolly Star Foundation cannot continue without your help. If you’re interested in helping, their number one need is a small trailer to be able to bring Dolly to the facilities, schools, and hospitals where she is needed most. If you’d like to donate please click here and thank you for your support.

Photo credit: Dolly Star Foundation

Photo credit: Dolly Star Foundation

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