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DWAYNE HARGO, JR: Telling it like it WAS, IS and how it will BE…

Learn more here about the one and only Dwayne Hargo Jr. and his story here and how he has achieved what seemed to be the unachievable.

It’s not very often that one has the opportunity to speak with a genuine, honest person like Dwayne Hargo, Jr. Dwayne is an athletic, talented, good-looking man who’s not afraid to tell it like it was; tell it how it is; and to dwayne-hargo-jr-bull-ridingproudly proclaim how it will be. He doesn’t shy away from admitting mistakes. Dwayne’s story begins with two parents that love and support him, Nanette and Dwayne Hargo, Sr. His father, Dwayne, Sr, Β is a six-time WNFR qualifier. (Every year, the PRCA takes the top six Bull Fighters to the WNFR to compete for the World Champion title; and in 1989 Dwayne, Sr won the title of World Champion Bull Fighter.) Dwayne, Jr learned his work ethic and honed his ability to turn any situation into a learning experience from his Dad. For example, in 2006 – at the age of 45 – Dwayne’s Dad suffered a brain aneurism and has managed to not only recover his health; but to also, at the age of 55, to recover his bull fighting career and is still going strong, working major rodeo and bull riding events.
How it WAS….
Dwayne grew up immersed in the sport of rodeo; playing and practicing at his “second home”, the Gary Lefew Ranch. He watched his beloved Dad put his life on the line for bull riders at event after event. Dwayne developed a how-it-washunger to ride; perhaps because he trusted his Dad immensely, and felt he could learn while his Dad protected him. In 1999, with Dwayne Hargo, Sr as both his Dad and bull fighter/protector, he won his first buckle as a bull rider at an event in King City, CA. By the time Dwayne, Jr was 30, he had qualified for the California Circuit Finals four times (2002, 2003, 2004, and 2006); and went on to the Dodge National Circuit Finals (DNCFR) in 2006. Simultaneously, he developed a strong career in bull fighting and in 2004, earned his Pro Bull Fighting Card. On occasion, he would make arrangements to both ride and fight in an event, and would ride the last bull so that he could do so. As a matter of fact, at a PBR event in Omak, WA, Dwayne Hargo, Sr stepped in to fight for Dwayne, Jr so that his son could also ride.
dwayne-hargo-jr-and-rob-dyrdekDwayne, Jr had a lot going for him: he was young, talented, handsome, and deeply rooted in a world and sport that he loved. He was even managing a ranch on the side. But, sometimes success brings its own trials; and sometimes, those trials derail a person. Dwayne fell into a trap that is there to specifically entangle our most special family and community members. Drug use and an association with others who were ensnared in said trap, led to an arrest. In Dwayne’s own words, “If everyone could experience having everything stripped from them; it dang sure would make some better people…” Β The tears pictured in Dwayne’s eyes in the arrest photo are heart-wrenching and indicative of a humbled spirit and a young man who was at that moment determined to change his circumstances.
While serving time, Dwayne used his time wisely. He read the bible cover to cover; he worked out every day and stayed in tip-top shape; and he honed the power to think and act in a positive manner. He planned for his future. “A lot of parents kept in touch with me while I was in jail”. Hargo continued, by saying “Positive people are a blessing”.
How it IS…
Dwayne is now four years drug-free. He does not turn away from speaking to how-it-isyoung people about his personal trials and experiences. As in the arena, Dwayne is here to cover and help protect his brothers and sisters in life. He has been back out on his own for less than a year and has his Screen Actors Guild Card; starred in a Coors Light Commercial with Gary Lefew; he’s back to working both open bull riding events and pro shows with contractors like Flying U Rodeo; and he builds log homes in whatever free time he may have left. “Achievement” is now his drug of choice; and he stated that it’s “Amazing what will-power and hustle will do for you”.
How it WILL BE…
Dwayne’s not wasting moments, let alone time. He “came out hungry”, and dwayne-hargo-jrplans to work more events with his brother, Aaron Hargo, who is also working as a Bull Fighter. They plan to have a booth together at the 2016 WNFR Convention, and one of his greatest desires is to someday work the California Circuit Finals with Aaron.
We know if anyone can achieve this, it will be Dwayne Hargo, Jr.!
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Born and raised on a cattle ranch on the Flathead Indian Reservation in northwest Montana, Eileen graduated from University of Montana - Western with a Business Degree. She is the mother of two grown children - Sydnee, and Billy Quade; and grandmother of two, Lillian and Rocky Rex. Eileen draws from personal, life experiences; as she has held many positions over the years including heavy equipment operator, member of a survey crew for Independence Mining, veterinary technician, Bud Girl for Anheuser-Busch, PR Director for the Idaho Cowboys Association, feed manager for Midland Bull Test Station in Columbus, Montana, National Event Coordinator for Montana Silversmiths, security guard for the Muskogee Creek Nation One Fire Casino, Marketing Director for the Tulsa RV Ranch, and freelance writer for various publications - including a weekly column for three years in the "Elko Daily Free Press" in Elko, Nevada. She enjoys training barrel horses and singing - and has sung the National Anthem for rodeos such as the Reno Rodeo in Reno, Nevada, the College National Finals, and the New Year's Eve Bull Bash in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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