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Earnhardt Maserati dealership delivers luxury

If you know the Earnhardt name, you’re familiar with their “No Bull” theme. But did you know that Earnhardt also has a Maserati dealership here in town?

Earnhardt Maserati Dealership delivers luxury

Earnhardt Maserati Dealership delivers luxuryIf you know the Earnhardt name, you’re familiar with the reliable cars and trucks offered at their dealerships, and their “No Bull” theme. But did you also know that the Earnhardt company also has a Maserati dealership right here in town?
Maserati is an Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer. Founder Alfieri Maserati and his brothers began in 1914 in Bologna, Italy by first modifying and developing cars built by other companies, and ultimately evolved into a company that designed, constructed and sold its own vehicles.
The Maserati brothers adopted a trident symbol as their logo, still used today. According to the Maserati website, family artist Mario Maserati designed the logo with inspiration from the famous statue of Neptune in Bologna, Italy. The Maserati company was acquired in the late 1930s by Adolfo Orsi and ultimately moved to its current site in Modena, Italy. Maserati has been part of the Fiat Group (now FCA) since 2005 and continues to manufacture and import sports cars and luxury sedans to more than 70 countries, according to the Maserati website.
Earnhardt Maserati Dealership delivers luxuryThe year 2014 marked the Maserati company’s 100th anniversary and also saw a company sales record, with 36,500 cars delivered. That same year, the Maserati company presented the Alfieri, a concept car named after one of the founding brothers of the company.
Maserati’s current offerings include the GranTurismo sports coupe and a convertible version; the GranCabrio, the sixth generation of the Quattroporte; the Ghibli executive sports sedan; and the newer Levante SUV. Maserati now covers every sector of the global luxury car market, according to their website.
When you drive a Maserati, you know you’re commanding a car with a long history of quality and luxury. The Earnhardt Maserati dealership is located at 1521 E. Drivers Way in Gilbert, near Val Vista and the San Tan Freeway. Check out a Maserati today!

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