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Earnhardt's Timeline

CLN presents the Earnhardt Auto Centers Family Tree & Timeline. Learn about the “No Bull” Difference and why Earnhardt’s are the #1 dealership in the world.

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Earnhardt Auto Centers BrandsNOBULLCowboy Lifestyle Network is extremely proud to present the Earnhardt’s Timeline. Earnhardt Auto Centers rises above the competition with highly reputable service from the Earnhardt family owned and operated business dating back to 1951. In other words, Earnhardt’s have been awesome for a really long time.
Earnhardt’s 63 years of being awesome is persistent time and time again. When you buy a vehicle from one of Earnhardt Auto Centers 17 locations, you can expect the same level of support and customer service for generations to come. The truck you buy now, is what your grandkids will be bringing in to get serviced in the future.
Why? Because Earnhardt treated you right today.  Majority of businesses today think in the short-term. However, Earnhardt’s think in the long-term. Earnhardt Auto Centers want a relationship with you. Always giving you the best deals with the world-class service you deserve.

“Nice people always finish first”      -Tex Earnhardt

When Cowboy Lifestyle Network partnered up with Earnhardt Auto Centers, the CLN team couldn’t wait to share the Earnhardt story with the world.
The Earnhardt family are truly the nicest people. All while displaying their first-class professionalism, values and beliefs. And thats why they’re #1. Read about the Earnhardt “No Bull” Difference (HERE).

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