Ford Mobility Motoring supports individuals with disabilities

Ford Mobility Motoring supports individuals with disabilities
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If you or someone in your family is affected by a disability, check out Ford Mobility Motoring. This service provides guidance in adapting vehicles for individuals with unique needs.

Ford Mobility Motoring can provide information and savings for those needing to adapt a vehicle for drivers or passengers with disabilities. In addition, Ford Mobility Motoring now offers cash reimbursements of up to $1,000 on qualifying adaptations for new cars.

Eligible vehicles must have qualifying adaptive equipment installed within one year of the car’s purchase or lease date. Adaptive equipment makes it easier for a person with a permanent physical disability to drive or be transported in a vehicle. Adaptations can include behind-car wheelchair carriers, hand controls, wheelchair lifts, parking brakes, power assist seats, ramps, steering devices and wheelchair restraints. Used vehicles are not eligible for reimbursement.

Ford Mobility Motoring supports individuals with disabilities
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To qualify for reimbursement, the customer must be the end-user of the vehicle that requires installation of qualifying adaptive equipment to safely drive or ride in the car. Claims can be made for adaptive equipment needed by a family member of the vehicle’s owner, provided the equipment is permanently fitted to the vehicle.The end user can also be an organization such as a church, assisted living facility, nursing home or government entity that transports individuals with disabilities.

To get started, visit your local Driver Assessment Center to plan the needed adaptations. Driver Assessment Centers offer evaluations for individuals with unique needs and can help you plan needed adaptations. They are frequently offered at a local American Automobile Association (AAA), by private drivers’ education providers, and within some state motor vehicle departments. You can also get a driving evaluation, if applicable, to help determine your needs. Then visit a Ford dealership to discuss vehicle options and needed adaptations.

Ford Mobility Motoring supports individuals with disabilities
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Your local Ford dealership can help you plan and schedule adaptive equipment service from the dealership or qualifying suppliers. Once the work has been done, your dealership can also submit the reimbursement claim for you.

Earnhardt Ford, located in Chandler, can help you with this process. If you or a family member is affected by disability, remember to consider Ford Mobility Motoring when you need a new vehicle!

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