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Exploring Ak-Chin Regional Airport Part II

Learn about the lowest fuel prices and best flight training at Ak-Chin Regional Airport, a destination where aviators will boast about. View the full story.

Exploring Ak-Chin Regional Airport Part II

Ak-Chin Regional AirportWhere does one go when searching for the lowest fuel prices and best flight training? Cowboy Lifestyle Network visited the Ak-Chin Regional Airport, a destination where aviators will boast about the ideal fuel prices and great training location in one landing.
Postings on the Ak-Chin Regional Airport’s Facebook page are mostly about the fuel prices within a 45-mile radius. When asked how to keep fuel costs low, Tim Costello, manager at Ak-Chin Regional Airport, states, “Buy low; that is the only reason we are one of the lowest in a 45-mile radius.” “It’s obvious the pilots are tuned into the pricing of fuel for their aircraft more so than they used to be.” The Desert Aero Club, one of Ak-Chinโ€™s Regional Airport neighbors, posted on Facebook โ€œPlanning to fly this weekend? Stop in at Ak-Chin Regional Airport to fuel up — at $3.99/gal for 100LL Avgas, pilots won’t find a better price in a 45-mile radius!โ€ with Ak-Chin Regional Airports reply โ€œOur neighbors couldn’t have said it better! $3.99/gal for Avgasโ€
Ak-Chin Regional AirportIn addition to having great fuel prices, the airport is ideal for flight training. Arizona and specifically the Phoenix area is a hotbed for training. Daily, hundreds of training aircraft depart from the Phoenix area and spread out generally in the south because of the flat, wide-open terrain and clear weather.
An interesting fact is that many aircraft are older, some 50 to 70 years old and have had no updates or upgrades to their instruments. In common use today is a tablet computer that displays the aeronautical charts used for looking at all of the airports and checking the airspace; on the electronic chart, there is a little window showing the fuel price at each airport. Costello tells us that pilots from across the country land to refuel at Ak-Chin Regional Airport all the time specifically due to its fuel prices. It’s not uncommon to have aircraft fly in for a great fuel price.
Ak-Chin Regional AirportFlight training in Arizona is relatively inexpensive, as compared to Europe. Favorable pricing, weather, and topography are conducive for flight training. Arizona is one of the top destinations in the world for flight training.
Ak-Chin Regional Airport is a general aviation airport. As stated in our previous article,, the 20-year master plan is completed, and continual implementation of the plan will truly create an outstanding aviation environment.
For more information, visit http://akchinairport.comย to get more information directly.

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