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Western Small Business Feature: Flat Hat Creative

Here at Cowboy Lifestyle Network, we are all about supporting small businesses which is why I wanted to start a monthly small business series. In this series, I will be highlighting small businesses from across the country that has a focus on or around the western industry. This month, I am excited to introduce Savanna, a rural entrepreneur who owns Flat Hat Creative.

Krysta: Can you tell our audience a little about yourself?

Savanna: I grew up as a horse gal in farm country. Now, I live in Wyoming on a big ranch on the eastern side with my cowboy husband and two young sons who are rowdy, free-spirited boys.

Savanna with her two boys, Roan and Brindle.

Krysta: How did you get started in your business?

Savanna: My career was as an ag journalist, and I decided to strike out on my own to write children’s ag books, including a chapter book. I live in the middle of nowhere and my first job is always to care for my boys. Any additional jobs I do have to revolve around their care and needs. Writing books is a flexible pursuit that allows me to be there for my family first.

Krysta: What motivates you in your business?

Savanna: Putting material that children relate to helps them be stronger, more interested readers, so I’m a writer for the little cowboys. There are a good handful of horse chapter books for girls (though I hope to add to that sector someday too), but there just aren’t many for young cowboys. I also am always for more accurate ag representation in the world. Books are a great vehicle for that.

Krysta: What makes your business unique from others?

Savanna: I am also a silversmith when I’m not writing books. Books are the creative work of my brain and silversmithing is the creative work of my hands.

One of Savanna’s favorite pieces she’s made, a dry creek and sterling silver bracelet.

Krysta: Where do you want to be in the next 3 years?

Savanna: I would like to continue on this path but in a bigger way. I’d love to have a small series of children’s chapter books as well as a western activity book. My books involve really special characters with big meaning to me. Two of the books, Brim and the Big Cat Blunder and Did you Spot my Spots? feature two very special horses that my husband and I have had for a long time. They’re the horses our kids learned to ride on. Rather Be Ropin’ is in memory of Logan Van Eaton, a cowboy who passed in 2016 at the age of 11.

At left, Roan on my old horse Tuff, and at right, Brindle on my husband’s old boy Chavez. Tuff and Chavez are major characters in two of my books, Did you Spot my Spots? and Brim and the Big Cat Blunder. Credit to Allison Williams  |  Redbird Rose Photography.

If you’d like to see more of Savanna’s story and learn more about Flat Hat Creative, you can find her on both Facebook and Instagram under @FlatHatCreative. If you’re interested in sharing your small business, please click the button below to be considered.

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