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Forrest Tool Company: A True Advocate for Veterans and First Responders

Businesses that give back to their community or a worthy cause are often the most successful and appreciated. Veterans and first responders are some of the most brave and dedicated people in our society, which is why Forrest Tool Company is a business we are proud to partner with. The veteran-owned, American-made company has been a pioneer in tool and equipment manufacturing since 1993, and a large part of its mission is to support veterans and first responders.

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Forrest Tools Save 30% OFF or 25% OFF During our Spring Break Sale March 25th – April 5th, 2024 using code SpringBreakFTC24
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Both the owner and founder of Forrest Tool Company are veterans, and with the company’s support of organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project and the First Responders Children’s Foundation, they have seen how these individuals can find peace by working on their property or outdoors.

“It’s no secret that there are health benefits from spending time in nature. Working with the land in any way, from a small suburban garden to a large-scale ranch or farm can create a feeling of accomplishment, community and self-reliance that we at Forrest Tool believe is fundamental for veterans to go back to being engaged in their communities.”

The products that Forrest Tool Company produces are reliable, lightweight, and compact, and they make working outdoors a breeze and give exceptional peace of mind. Their flagship product, the MAX Multipurpose Tool Kit, was created to have the right tool on hand in every situation. The team at Forrest Tool Company is confident that having this product in every truck in America could save many lives.

“The MAX Tool Kit has been proven to save lives out in the woods. Former clients have shared with us that they were trapped in the woods for several hours with no cellphone signal in the middle of winter, and thanks to the MAX, they actually made it out alive. We know from experience that the MAX Tool Kit gives preparedness and self-reliance to everyone because nature is unpredictable. So if everyone in America has a MAX in their truck, we know it will have their back.”

In addition to having Americans’ backs no matter their profession with the MAX Tool Kit, they also have veterans’ and first responders’ backs by giving them discounts and partnering with nonprofits that support them.

“Veterans and first responders have made a choice to dedicate themselves to the safety, protection and support of others. A large discount is the best way Forrest Tool knows how to recognize veterans and first responders to say thank you for their service.”

Next time you’re looking for the right tool, check out Forrest Tool Company, not only for a high-quality and durable product but also to support our veterans and first responders. Buying from this business is a great way for you to say thank you to these heroes who are the perfect examples of hard work and selflessness!

Veterans and first responders everywhere can purchase their very own MAX Tool Kit or other products online at with a year-round 20% discount. Also on the website, you can also find more information about the company, its products, and its why!

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