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Music Monday Featured Artist: Hannah Strumner

Singer/Songwriter Hannah Strumner’s New Single: Are You Ready to Let Go. A glimpse of the captivating debut album fueled by the soul of country music.

With only just a pen, paper, and toy microphone, Hannah Strumner began writing and singing songs at 5 years old. Much of her younger years were not easy. Strumner was bullied in school and used music as an outlet all of her childhood. Ultimately, this led her to transform adversity into a special gift. Today, she continues following her country-love-filled dreams. On June 25th, Strumner released her most recent single titled, Are You Ready to Let Go, featuring Sam Henry. The captivating country song encompasses the difficulty of moving on and letting go following a heartbreak – a timeless piece for all to hear.

“I wrote this song during a very challenging time in my life,” stated Strumner. “In the midst of my circumstances, music has continued to be my fortitude. It has alleviated the discomfort of moving on from relationships I didn’t think would come to an end. This song is an embodiment of everything I was feeling. We all live, and we all learn. I truly hope my music can help others get through a little something called life.”

Recording the music video for Are You Ready to Let Go was one of Strumner’s most memorable moments. After some time working on the song, she asked her close friend, Sam Henry, to feature in the single. “We were filming the music video in 17-degree weather,” recalls Strumner. “Sam Henry and I were so cold we had to do an excessive number of jumping jacks just to feel warmer, but it was all worth it! The music video is such a great representation of the song and how much it means to me to have people hear and enjoy it.”

Her earliest years were spent in Burbank, California where the initial spark for singing and songwriting took off. At 16 years old, she moved right outside of Boise, Idaho where she rediscovered the sound and flare of country music. It immediately lit up her soul. She came to realize country music granted opportunities for telling a story in a beautiful and artistic way – which was exactly what she needed. After some time of inspiration and exploring the genre’s beauty and depth, Strumner never looked back.

The independent artist had long days at The Tonic Room Recording and Mastering Studio which resulted in many released singles. Writing and performing all of her music to this day, Strumner is hopeful about the upcoming future.

Are You Ready to Let Go is bound to be stuck in your head. The catchy song puts listeners through a relatable experience. Lyrically, it describes cutting ties with the person you thought was the one which results in only hearing echoes of their voice in their absence. The single will be on Strumner’s self-titled debut album to release in July, available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and for purchase on CD.

Keep an eye out for more of Hannah Strumner. She is one name you’ll likely hear again.

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