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Help for the Long Haul

We’ve all heard of Triple A or Onstar. These companies help us with roadside assistance and other car troubles, but what about the cowboys and cowgirls on the road? We all know these guys can change a tire by themselves but sometimes when you’re in the middle of no where, help is required. When traveling with horse and cattle trailers just about anything can happen. These companies give a tailored option for our unique situations.

One organization offering this kind of help is US Rider. They offer 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance for you and your trailer. Just a few of the services they provide are towing (trucks and trailers), repairs, lockout services, and fuel/oil/water delivery. Additionally, for your livestock they offer emergency trip interruption veterinary services, farrier referrals, and emergency stabling. If you’d like to help and become an emergency stabling partner with them click here to learn more. US Rider also offers insurance including private horse owner liability, comprehensive equine liability, and horse clubs and associations liability.

Another company to help get you down the road is Trailguard. They’re very similar to other towing companies, offering 24/7 assistance and towing. Trailguard also offers insurance for your vehicle and trailer. Not only that, but they also have coverage for trainers and those compensated for hauling and showing. Along with a dedicated personal assistant to help you find boarding or storage for whatever you’re hauling, Trailguard can get you back on the road.

It’s never a bad idea to be prepared when traveling, whether you’re an experienced hauler or just leaving home for you’re first summer run. These companies are well equipped to help you with the long haul or even a short trip. When you’re on the road you are sure to be confident that you have help if you need it.

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