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Historic Navajo Nation Inauguration 2023

Change is in the air for the Navajo Nation! On January 10th, 2023, history was made on the Navajo Nation in more ways than one but first, here’s what you need to know about the Navajo Nation Inauguration. On November 8th, 2022 Navajo Nation Officials ranging from the President and Vice President to Navajo Nation Council Delegates were elected by citizens of the Navajo Nation. On January 10th, those elected officials were sworn into office to serve as leaders of the Navajo Nation to continue the work of their predecessors and bring new, fresh ideas into the Navajo Nation government.

What makes this event so monumental is that in addition to electing the youngest-ever, Navajo Nation President, the first female vice president was also sworn in at the same time. Let’s learn a little more about them below!

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President Buu Nygren, 36 is the youngest elected president of the Navajo Nation and this is also his first official position in office in his career. Nygren previously served on the Navajo Engineering and Construction Authority and believes that every Navajo Nation citizen deserves to do more than just survive, which is why his mission in office is to,

“bring basic services to Navajo people so they can do more than survive.”

Vice President Richelle Montoya, also made history as the first female elected Navajo Nation Vice President. She will serve alongside Dr. Buu Nygren to bring change to the Navajo Nation over the course of the next four years. In addition to her strong background in education, Vice President Montoya will bring balance, strength, and a female perspective to office. 

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We think it is also important to note and celebrate that there were nine Navajo women that were voted in as Council Delegates for their respective agencies. This is another historic benchmark in Navajo Nation history. Each delegate will work for their communities to help bring change to the Navajo Nation as a whole. 

Our friends and Navajo Nation partners, CKP Insurance, were thrilled to be able to sponsor the Swearing-In Ceremony and the Inaugural Celebrations that followed. There was a lot to celebrate as the Navajo Nation inauguration took place in Fort Defiance, Arizona, just north of the tribal capital of Window Rock. Following the inauguration, the festivities were moved to the Window Rock Fairgrounds where an all-day celebration that included Navajo traditional Song & Dance, a Pow-wow & Gourd Dance, Gospel Celebration, a comedy show, and closed with the inaugural ball. 

Credit to CKP Insurance

The new administration of President Nygren and Vice President Montoya is eager to tackle the many issues that the Navajo Nation faces. They are committed to providing support and resources to the Navajo people to help them succeed and be successful. They also plan to focus on the environment, public health, economic development, and education. 

The Navajo Nation is a sovereign nation, and the election of President Nygren and Vice President Montoya marks the beginning of a new era of leadership, progress, and prosperity for the Navajo people. We wish them all the best in their new roles and look forward to seeing the many positive changes that are sure to come.

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