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Hobby Horse Insider: Same Jacket, Two Arenas

Finding the perfect jacket to wear in the arena can be challenging enough, now imagine trying to find a jacket that can be worn in both the show arena and the arena of life. Thanks to Hobby Horse, you can!

Hobby Horse’s Ariana Show Jacket is trendy, fun, and is great for most classes including reining, western riding, trail, showmanship, and western pleasure. Paired with black chaps, you’ll be the star of the show! However, the best part is that Ariana also makes for stunning streetwear; pair with skinny jeans and your favorite tee for a look to remember.

Are you wondering how to create the “perfect” outfit, whether it is for the show ring or a night out on the town, check out this helpful tip from the Hobby Horse experts.

“Dark colors minimize while light colors emphasize. If you’re bottom-heavy, consider a dark chap color to minimize ‘thighs of size’. Try a light hat to draw the judge’s eye upward and create the illusion of height in your upper body. Solid color or vertical patterned fabrics minimize and lengthen. Keep layers to a minimum on your chest and use a smooth color blend at the waist. Create a clean line at your waist by matching chapsbelt and top for a seamless color transition.”

Another jacket that makes for both great arena wear and great streetwear is the Goldie Show Jacket. Similar to the Ariana, Goldie looks fabulous worn in many events and looks even better when paired with the Catori Saddle Blanket in Peacock and Garnet Goldie pairs PERFECTLY with our HH Premium Saddle Blanket in Garnet. As a fashion piece, this jacket adds the perfect touch of western flair.

You might be asking yourself, but what do the winners wear? The Hobby Horse team knows what it takes to help you stand out inside and outside the show pen. Check it out below!

“Show fashions don’t change with each season like street apparel. Quality hats and chaps should last you for years and most show clothes will be fashionable through several show seasons. Gently used show clothes have excellent resale value too– “recycle” to stretch your budget. Style lasts forever, though trends come and go. Plan ahead, trust your instincts and invest in quality. Confidence and good taste are what make an outfit work. Use color and silhouette to create outfits that look sharp from a distance and that flatter you and your horse. One base color with one or two accents is interesting, not overwhelming, to the viewer’s eye. Dramatic fabrics and trims lend theatrical flair to your show presentation and look great from a distance. Accessories are the finishing touches that reflect the wearer’s personality. Remember: though trends come and go, good taste is always in style.”

Ready to elevate your style? Shop the Ariana here and the Goldie here! Be sure to follow Hobby Horse on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on all of the latest styles.

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