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Idaho PBR Classic

Bull Riding

Proud Source Water Idaho PBR Classic Presented by L5 Bucking Bulls

Saturday, September 26th
Starts 7:30 pm
Gooding, Idaho
Tickets Start at $18

Gooding Rodeo Arena
201 Fairgrounds Road, Gooding, Idaho

PBR Touring Pro is coming to Gooding, Idaho! Cowboy Lifestyle Network is proud to cover this event in partnership with L5 Bucking Bulls. This event will be taking place on Saturday, September 26th in Gooding, Idaho. This event will not disappoint! Presented by L5 Bucking Bulls and sponsored by Proud Source Water Idaho, you will see some of the top bull riders and bulls come together for an ultimate match up.

This spectacular event is located in the heart of Gooding, Idaho! Arrive early for when the gates open and prepare to see the top 35 professional bull riders at 7:00 pm, and watch them take on the rankest bucking bulls in the business. The Proud Source Waters Idaho PBR Classic is a Professional Bull Riders Touring Pro Division one night event. This event is a fun action-packed event for fans of all ages.

The top bull riding athletes travel from all across the world to capitalize on events like this one, coming as far as Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and beyond! The bulls, also PBR athletes, come from across the nation to face off in the town of Gooding. When young local bull riders show up to events like these, the crowd always goes nuts as they set out to ride their bull for 8 seconds. The CLN Team is looking forward to watching some of these young guns as they test their skills and ride among their PBR bull riding heroes.

PBR Touring Pro Division Judd Mortensen and Cody Nance
PBR Touring Pro Division Judd Mortensen and Cody Nance

We want to say a huge thanks to all of the sponsors that make this event possible. Some of those sponsors are Pendleton Whisky, Coors Light, Boot Barn, Valley Wide Cooperative, Turner Parlor Stalls, Agri-Science, and DMS Steel Erectors. There are so many more folks that make this event go off without a hitch so make sure to thank the folks you see putting this event on.

About L5 Bucking Bulls

L5 Buckings Bulls is an up and coming bull stock contracting business. In fact, L5 Bucking Bulls is a woman-owned and co-operated business. The owner and founder, Lauren Salon is new to the bull industry but it didn’t take long for her to jump in with both feet and take to the business without a break in stride. This will be her first sponsored PBR event, most times you can find Lauren watching her bull, “I’m Busted” buck at the Unleash the Beast events alongside Chad Berger.

Lauren Salon

Help Cowboy Lifestyle Network and L5 Bucking Bulls sell this event out and join in on the fun and excitement! You are encouraged to buy your tickets in advance, so you get your spot saved before they are all gone. Tickets start at $18, please visit the following website to purchase your tickets online! Click here to buy your tickets.

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