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Behind the Chutes: Industry Recap for September

Welcome to Behind the Chutes, a Cowboy Lifestyle Network industry recap series that is your all-in-one place to get your western industry news and rodeo updates! In this series, I hope to cover Pro Rodeo athlete updates, standings, events news and so much more!

Industry Recap

Upcoming Events

Save the Date for the National Finals Rodeo 2022!

December 1st-10th is NFR time! As we head toward rodeo week, cowboys and cowgirls from across the world are gearing up for next-level rodeo performances and a week-long celebration in sparkling Las Vegas, Nevada. Since 1959 the prestigious Wrangler National Finals Rodeo has brought ProRodeo front and center on the world’s stage. With the-best-of-the-best rodeo athletes and livestock alike, the 2022 NFR is sure to leave rodeo fans on the edge of their seats. While the dirt will be flying in the Thomas & Mack Center, a whole slew of rodeo entertainment will be taking place along the Vegas Strip. Some of the greatest entertainment can be found at the NFR Home-Base, the Tropicana Las Vegas.

Turquoise Circuit Finals Rodeo 2022

During an action-packed weekend, November 4-5, 2022, the RAM Turquoise Circuit Finals brings in the top one-hundred rodeo athletes from Arizona and New Mexico into the Camp Verde region, competing for approximately $175,000 in prize money. Circuit cowboys are known as ‘weekend warriors,’ competing at about twenty rodeos across Arizona and New Mexico in the hope of earning a qualification spot at the TCFR and for the opportunity to vie for a chance to qualify into the RAM NFR Open, previously titled the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo. The TCFR is part of the circuit system of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. The event will feature world champions, ‘weekend warriors,’ along with up-and-coming athletes looking to win a spot to compete at the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo. Learn more here.

PRCA Rodeo Athlete & Standings Updates

The end of the PRCA is proving to be just as exciting as we thought it would be. We have seen major shifts in the standings, wrecks, and injuries that have put a damper on some and allowed others to break into the top 15. The 2022 PRCA season ends on September 30th, which means the 2023 season will actually start in October. In this feature of Behind the Chutes, we will also be giving a rough estimate on who your top 15 cowboys will be heading into the Thomas and Mack for each main event in December! Standings pulled on 9/20/2022.

  • All Around: 1. Stetson Wright with $378,339.88 2. Caleb Smidt with $144,876.43 3. Haven Meged with $142,577.63 4. Josh Frost with $138,675.41 5. Zack Jongbloed with $126,550.07 6. Paul David Tierney with $121,325.52 7. Coleman Proctor with $115,594.82 8. Taylor Santos with $113,655.83 9. Rhen Richard with $99,880.90 10. Erich Rogers with $79,084.58 11. Brusthon Minton with $62,581.67 12. Curtis Cassidy with $57,230.22 13. Stan Branco with $55,173.14 14. Hudson Wallace with $52,006.64 15. Clayton Hass with $50,745.06
  • Bareback Riding: 1. Jess Pope with $159,259.04 2. Cole Reiner with $154,750.82 3. Caleb Bennett with $144,130.34 4. Tim O’Connell with $137,759.90 5. Rocker Steiner with $134,327.94 (First NFR) 6. R.C. Landingham with $130,523.57 7. Tanner Aus with $126,563.93 8. Kaycee Feild with $126,454.30 9. Leighton Berry with $126,273.07 10. Cole Franks with $113,736.16 11. Tilden Hooper with $110,062.79 12. Clayton Biglow with $109,350.83 13. Orin Larsen with $107,979.78 14. Garrett Shadbolt with $102,051.48 15. Ty Breuer with $95,521.12
  • Saddle Bronc Riding: 1. Sage Newman with $253,190.84. 2. Stetson Wright with $188,078.26 3. Brody Cress with $174,598.85 4. Ryder Wright with $160,802.67 5. Lefty Holman with $149,979.30 6. Zeke Thurston with $141,048.10 7. Logan Hay with $137,646.89 8. Kade Bruno with $137,157.29 (first time qualifier) 9. Layton Green with $135,793.19 10. Kolby Wanchuk with $129,436.13 11. Wyatt Casper with $123,801.89 12. Dawson Hay with $111,717.59 13. Kole Ashbacher with $111,077.28 14. Chase Brooks with $109,311.07 15. Tanner Butner with $97,403.54 (if he holds top 15 it will be his first qualifier)
  • Bull Riding: 1. Stetson Wright with $309,699.06 2. Josh Frost with $225,759.04 3. Jeff Askey with $178,528.03 4. Garrett Smith with $141,533.03, 5. Maverick Potter with $116,064.69 (First Time Qualifier) 6. Sage Kimzey with $115,633.09 7. Tristen Hutchings with $114,902.29 (First Time Qualifier) 8. Jared Parsonage with $109,968.28 (First Time Qualifier) 9. Ky Hamilton with $109,799.44 10. Trevor Kastner with $108,333.51 11. Trey Holston with $107,086.44 (First Time Qualifier) 12. Trey Kimzey with $106,654.07 13. JR Stratford with $101,754.65 14. Creek Young with $100,670.20 15. Lukasey Morris with $97,637.28 (if he holds top 15 it will be his first qualifier)
  • Steer Wrestling: 1. Stetson Jorgensen with $135,594.95 2. Tyler Waguespack with $121,429.79. 3. Will Lummus with $119,780.94 4. J.D. Struxness with $118,485.61 5. Ty Erickson with $107,784.30 6. Hunter Cure with $107,498.88 7. Tristan Martin with $104,485.04 8. Dakota Eldridge with $104,097.60 9 Kyle Irwin with $98,340.11 10. Tanner Brunner with $95,354.05 11. Jesse Brown with $91,066.35 12. Dirk Tavenner with $84,532.00 13. Rowdy Parrott with $82,699.43 14. Timmy Sparing with $81,312.40 (first time qualifier if he holds) 15. Nick Guy with $76,283.31
  • Team Roping Headers: 1. Kaleb Driggers with $223,973.56 2. Clay Tryan with $144,663.14 3. Andrew Ward with $122,959.53 4. Coleman Proctor with $108,088.63 5. Tanner Tomlinson with $104,251.04 (First time qualifier) 6. Dustin Egusquiza with $101,655.43 7. Rhen Richard with $96,632.10 8. Tyler Wade with $96,423.41 9. Jr. Dees with $95,453.90 10. Cody Snow with $91,842.70 11. Lightning Aguilera with $89,963.18 (First time qualifier if he holds) 12. Riley Minor with $89,504.49 13. Chad Masters with $87,443.82 14. Clay Smith with $86,006.89 15. Jake Orman with $82,033.02 (First time qualifier if he holds)
  • Team Roping Heelers: 1. Junior Nogueria with $223,973.56 2. Jake Long with $127,487.01 3. Buddy Hawkins with $121,417.23 4. Jade Corkill with $110,855.24 5. Logan Medlin with $108,088.63 6. Patrick Smith with $104,251.04 7. Travis Graves with $101,655.43 8. Jeremy Buhler with $97,654.35 9. Levi Lord with $95,171.61 10. Trey Yates with $95,010.73 11. Wesley Thorp with $91,842.70 12. Joseph Harrison with $89,958.02 13. Brady Minor with $89,504.49 14. Lane Mitchell with $82,822.24 (First qualifier if he holds) 15. Jonathan Torres with $82,464.92 (First qualifier if he holds)
  • Tie Down: 1. Shad “Money” Mayfield with $203,508.08 2. John Douch with $163,292.24 3. Haven Meged with $156,027.42 4. Caleb Smidt with $146,648.44 5. Shane Hanchey with $131,217.14 6. Zack Jongbloed with $131,217.14 7. Tuf Cooper with $124,381.92 8. Marty Yates with $121,102.20 9. Tyler Milligan with $118,707.62 10. Cory Solomon with $118,551.42 11. Riley Webb with $115,207.10 (First time qualifier)12. Hunter Herrin with $114,770.56 13. Ty Harris with $113,185.54 14. Macon Murphy with $105,793.39 (First time qualifier if he can hold) 15. Cooper Martin with $99,318.89
  • Unofficial Standings for Barrel Racing (Last Updated 9/14): 1. Jordan Briggs 2. Dona Kay Rule 3. Stevi Hillman 4. Wenda Johnson 5. Hailey Kinsel 6. Shelley Morgan 7. Sissy Winn 8. Margo Crowther 9. Kassie Mowry 10. Bayleigh Choate 11. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi 12. Jessica Routier 13. Emily Beisel 14. Leslie Smalygo 15. Michelle Darling
  • Unofficial Standings for Breakaway Roping (Last Updated 9/14): 1. Martha Angelone 2. Erin Johnson 3. Taylor Hanchey 4. Shelby Boisjoli 5. Lari Dee Guy 6. Taylor Munsell 7. Jordi Edens 8. Joey Williams 9. Rickie Engesser 10. Beau Peterson 11. Cadee Williams 12. JJ Hampton 13. Samantha Fulton 14. Cheyanne Guillory 15. Jackie Crawford
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In Case You Missed It

This month, I sat down with PBR Veteran, Reese Cates to get his perspective on everything bull riding and YETI. Reese Cates is from El Dorado, Arkansas. As far as bull riding goes, it has been a part of his for as long as he can remember. Both his dad and grandpa rode bulls, so in his words, it was “a generational curse” that got passed down to him as well. Reese’s professional bull riding career started in 2007 when he started competing in the Velocity Tour events and competed through 2019 when he decided to take a step back to focus on his family and other ventures. Read the full interview here.

Reese Cates attempts to ride Owens/Wyatt’s Chute Boss during the second round of the Little Rock Built Ford Tough series PBR. Photo by Andy Watson

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