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Country Star Jake Owen Picks A Fight With Pro Golfer Phil Mickelson

“I did give Phil Mickelson a lot of sh*t” – Jake Owen

It’s not every day that a Pro Golfer and a Country Music Star cross paths in a negative way but when they do, prepare yourself for sparks! You could feel the intensity from the described interaction that Jake Owen told the “Foreplay” podcast on Monday.

To give everyone a bit of background, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods played a rather unexciting game of exhibition golf the day after Thanksgiving and charged television viewers $29.99 to watch the match. Fast forward to Jordan Spieth’s wedding, the day after the match, Jake Owen said he saw Mickelson from across the room and just couldn’t help himself.

According to the interview, Jake walked up to Phil Mickelson and said,

“Hey Phil, you owe me f—ing $29.99.’ I was like, ‘For wasting four hours of my life with the s—tiest golf I’ve ever seen.”

Mickelson reportedly had a comeback along the lines of “‘I won 90,000 of these yesterday,’” Owen says Mickelson told him. “‘Take a hundred and go f— yourself.’” It is worth it to go back and watch the full interview. The best thing about this whole thing is that the two were seen at the Waste Management Open in January without incident.

Phil Mickelson verifies that everything Jake Owen said in the interview was accurate. This doesn’t seem to be anything much more than two guys blowing off some steam after a few drinks, regardless it must have made for some great entertainment at the wedding.

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