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Kaycee Feild and CBD? A New Weapon in The Champ’s War Bag

Huxyn and Kaycee Feild circle up around his late, great father’s signed bench at Cheyenne Frontier Days. Photo Credit: Rodrigo Donosa Photo

Kaycee Feild didn’t just revolutionize bareback riding, he made us all love him in the process.

Gritty, precision talent and his brilliant smile are trademarks that have taken the 32-year-old to stardom and four consecutive PRCA world championships. His last Wrangler National Finals Rodeo wasn’t what he’d hoped for so he did what champions do and doubled down last Spring. Texas was the best of times and almost the worst of times when he got jerked into his rigging after riding Beutler & Son’s rank mare Killer Bee, newly moved to the bares from the bronc riding. As the unconscious cowboy went to ground, he sustained a kick to the head, fracturing his skull, nose, and jaw and causing a brain bleed.

Photo Courtesy of @pwrpro_ Instagram

“Doctors were concerned with the bleed and so was I. My vision was distorted, nausea and disorientation filled my waking moments and there weren’t too many of those,” Feild recalls. But there was a secret weapon in his war bag he’d never dreamed would be salvation; PWR Pro CBD.

“My 3-year-old boy, Huxyn, has asthma. It was just horrifying to helplessly watch him fight for his next breath and no medication our doctors prescribed was working,” Feild said. “Our friends and neighbors, the Mowers’ and their partner Whit Hill had started producing CBD. We knew them to be honest, incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition on the cellular level and turned to them, asking if CBD might be helpful to our little boy.”

Photo Courtesy of @pwrpro_ Instagram

It was! Kaycee being Kaycee wasn’t about to entrust his young man with anything he didn’t know about, so PWR Pro CBD became part of his daily routine. He felt better, trained better, hurt less and so, it gained his stamp of approval, but as he lay in the hospital miserable and worrying about that brain bleed, his wife brought him the supplement.

“I woke up feeling pretty normal after resuming the PWR Pro. The next CT Scan was normal, no traces of the bleed and that’s when I knew I wanted to share it with everybody,” said Feild.

Photo Courtesy of @pwrpro_ Instagram

“I’m not a salesman, never have been, but it’s our nature as cowboys to help each other. I see sore people and can’t help but hook them up with PWR Pro supplement and our warming cream. It’s really good to see them down the road and hear how it helped!”

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