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Kicking Up Kindness, a Legacy to Cherish and Continue

It all started in 1997 when the late Julee Brady saw excessive negativity in the media and news. She began to recruit ‘kind deed detectives’ who would join with her being on the lookout for good deeds in their communities. She would then write off these inspiring accounts in the paper hoping to bring a little gleam of hope to the world. She named this initiative ‘Kicking Up Kindness’. As an influential person in the rodeo world, her impact has been deeply felt across the globe as she would constantly strive to spread her passion for charity wherever she went.

The late Julee Brady

With a heavy heart due to our sweet Julee’s recent passing, I am inexplicably grateful to carry on her legacy as a state rodeo queen, and as her granddaughter. As Miss Rodeo Arizona 2022, I have the unique opportunity of traveling throughout my home state and beyond while promoting the sport of rodeo and the western way of life throughout this year. I represent the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association in my state, a group of people with deep character. So today, I too am on the lookout for good deeds along my way of travels and will be writing about these sweet encounters with the same hope that motivated my Nana! After all, the good Man upstairs has told us, ‘Seek good, and not evil, that ye may live’ (Amos 5:14). It is my hope that by sharing these uplifting stories that I encounter, we might all learn to ‘seek the good’ in our ever-changing world and experience what it means to truly live. 

As you keep your eyes out for Kicking Up Kindness headlines here at Cowboy Lifestyle Network, feel free to submit your own stories of good deeds with us at where they will be collected and added to Julee’s Kicking Up Kindness Book she had compiled through the years. Share your light to make someone else’s trail just a little bit happier.

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Having been raised around the family ranch in Reno, Nevada, Kennadee Riggs was instilled with a passion for preserving the western way of life at an early age. She grew up under Arizona skies competing horseback while developing a deep love for everything equine. She enjoys promoting cowboy lifestyle as the 2022 Miss Rodeo Arizona. As a member of the Cowgirls Historical Foundation she spends much of her time volunteering at charities and educating the public on western heritage . Recently, she served as a missionary for her church in Brazil and Oklahoma, all while spreading her love of the western lifestyle in those places along the way. As she works toward pursuing a degree in journalism and broadcasting she feels privileged to be a part of the Cowboy Lifestyle Network team, spreading good news and enthusiasm for our cowboy bloodlines.

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