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Kingsmen Andy Devine Days Rodeo Royalty

This June 1st and 2nd, come “get your kicks on Route 66” at the 2019 Andy Devine PRCA Pro Rodeo in Kingman, Arizona. At the head of this annual celebration, you are sure to find the two superstar spokeswomen of rodeo, the 2019 Kingsmen Andy Devine Days Rodeo Queen Adison Leo, and the 2019 Kingsmen Andy Devine Days Teen Queen Codey Humble. These two cowgirls have traveled the state of Arizona promoting their love of rodeo and representing the beautiful town of Kingman. Tip your hat to these rodeo royals as we join them on the rodeo trail this June!

Photo Courtesy of Rustic Roots Photography

Say howdy to your 2019 Andy Devine Days Rodeo Queen, Adison Leo! From rodeo to rodeo and parade to parade, Adison is thankful for the many opportunities she has received as your 2019 Andy Devine Days Rodeo Queen. She cherishes the many chances to meet new friends and inspire others along her rodeo journey. Adison would like to thank her parents, sponsors, and community who have supported her on her rodeo queening journey and who continue to support her as she carries the Andy Devine Days Rodeo Queen title into 2020. Adison encourages us all to remember, “every mile’s a memory!”

Codey Humble is proud to represent Kingman, Arizona as the 2019 Andy Devine Days Rodeo Teen Queen. This dedicated student attends Lee Williams High School and has a passion for all things equestrian. Codey is no stranger to the world of rodeo and has spent her entire life involved in the equine and rodeo industry. As a competitor in the local Kingman Junior Rodeo Association and The Kingsmen Series, this cowgirl brings her best to the arena whether she is wearing a crown upon her hat and waving to the audience or “turnin’ and burnin’” during a barrel racing pattern. From early mornings, late nights, emergency runs to the store for hairspray and bobby pins, and much more, Codey would like to thank her family who has been an integral part of her rodeo journey and a huge support as she chases her rodeo dreams.

For the past 8 months, Codey has been honored to represent Kingman, Arizona. She shares,

“Being your Andy Devine Days Rodeo Teen Queen has been a wonderful experience. I have had the opportunity to not only travel to different rodeos and meet new people but also meet young girls and be a positive role model to young girls everywhere by showing them that with enough hard work and dedication you can achieve your dreams and goals. From the early mornings, long drives, parades through the town, and tearing through the arena on my horses, rodeo queening has definitely been an amazing experience.”

Get to know Adison and Codey in this exclusive CLN interview below!

Why is being a member of the Andy Devine Days Rodeo Royalty Court important to you?

Adison: “Being a member of the Andy Devine Days Rodeo Royalty Court is important to me because I have been a part of our rodeo for as long as I can remember and my childhood dream was to represent my hometown rodeo one day.”

Codey: “Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a rodeo queen. I always wanted to set a good example for our future generation. Being a member of the Andy Devine Days Rodeo Court is important to me because I get to share my passion of rodeo with others and I get to inspire others to always follow their dreams.”

What are you most looking forward to as a member of the Andy Devine Days Rodeo Royalty Court?

Adison: “I am most looking forward to traveling around the state of Arizona teaching those young and old about our incredible sport of rodeo, and inspiring those to always be humble.”

Codey: “Being the Andy Devine Days Rodeo Teen Queen has been an amazing experience. I am mostly looking forward to meeting new people and having friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Why is rodeo important to you?

Adison: “Rodeo is important to me because it has always been a huge part of my life. It has taught me so many valuable lessons that cannot be taught doing anything else.”

Codey: “Rodeo is important to me, because no matter the event I compete in, during the sport of rode, I’m always setting a good example for the future generations. Whether it is giving my horse a treat and water after a bad run, or whether I’m congratulating other contestants.”

How do you prepare yourself and your horse for rodeos?

Adison: “I prepare myself and my horse for rodeos by making sure to maintain a healthy mental and physical state to ensure we will be able to complete any task asked of us.”

Codey: “I compete in rodeo queening, barrel racing, and pole bending. Keeping my horses legged up, proper nutrition, and performing at their best is important to me. To achieve this, I ride my horses every day and keep them on a strict feeding schedule. To prepare myself for rodeos I plan my run in my head during practice and try not to overthink it at rodeos. It is all muscle memory and I tell myself, “smooth is fast.”

If you could describe being a rodeo queen in 5 words or less, how would you describe it?

Adison: “I would describe it as selfless, friendly, honorable and memorable.”

Codey: “If I could describe being a rodeo queen in 5 words, it would be: “every mile is a memory,” because everywhere you go, whether it is to a community event or a rodeo, you will always be grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of the western heritage.”

What advice would you give to future rodeo queens?

Adison: “Advice I would give to a future rodeo queen would be to cherish every second, make as many memories as you can and always stay true to yourself.”

Codey: “The best advice I could give a future rodeo queen would be to always surround yourself with positive people and positive rodeo queens. Also, to always keep a kind heart, fierce mind, and brave spirit.”

Cowboy Lifestyle Network would like to congratulate the talented and wonderful cowgirls, Miss Adison Leo and Codey Humble on their year as the 2019 Andy Devine Days Rodeo Royalty. We can’t wait to see where your rodeo queen journey’s take you! Make sure to say howdy to Adison and Codey at the 2019 Kingsmen PRCA Pro Rodeo this June 1st and 2nd!

CLN Community & Event Sponsor

Taryn Cantrell is an Arizona native who has spent many hours in the rodeo arena. Having grown up barrel racing, serving as the 2017 Gilbert Days Rodeo Queen and as a member of the Cowgirls Historical Foundation, Taryn is passionate about her western heritage and all things rodeo. When she’s not on horseback, Taryn can be found playing her bass guitar, painting, and performing around Phoenix with her band. Taryn is a graduate of Arizona State University with her Bachelor's Degree in Vocal Performance. Taryn is proud to combine her love of the arts with her love of rodeo and has been honored to sing The National Anthem at various rodeos across the beautiful state of Arizona. Alongside her love for art and music, preserving her western heritage and promoting the sport of rodeo are just two of Taryn’s many passions. Taryn is so honored to share her love of rodeo with Cowboy Lifestyle Network’s wonderful audience.

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