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Legends of the Old West: Texas Rangers Ep. 3


President Polk is furious with General Taylor’s ceasefire agreement with Mexico and he orders General Winfield Scott to continue the war. Captain Jack Hays, Samuel Walker and John “RIP” Ford return to Mexico for the final push toward the capital, but the Rangers suffer a devastating loss in the fighting.

A brief meeting between Samuel Walker and Samuel Colt in New York City leads to the creation of the Colt Walker revolver and revolutionizes the firearms industry. 

Photo by: My Colorful Past

We are about halfway through the new series on the Texas Rangers; make sure you tune in every week for the release of each new episode but if you need to go back to an older one, you can head over to Black Barrel Media for the full list of episodes. 

Make sure to check out the full introduction on what happens in this season of The Texas Rangers.

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