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Live like a Champion with Drake and Sage Kimzey

This Wrangler NFR looks promising for Kimzey, and there’s a good chance that he will be a back to back World Champion. Learn More Here.

Sage Kimzey Pendleton Round-Up 2015The hip-hop artist Drake is known for releasing singles that are saturated with lyrics boasting a luxurious and fast paced lifestyle that only someone successful could relate to. It’s no surprise that the reigning World Champion bull rider, Sage Kimzey, 21, listens to “quite a bit” of him before competing. Kimzey’s raw talent that has led to an extensive list of accomplishments and has the rodeo legend living a lifestyle that could be comparable to one mentioned in a Drake song.


Sage Kimzey taking his victory lap at the 2014 WNFR

Kimzey enjoys “getting paid to be on the road with friends, experiencing what the world has to offer and being my own boss,” he says, with baby blue eyes and a crooked smile that could charm the socks off of someone as fabulous as Alexis Bloomer. He overflows with the type of swag that only a cowboy could have, and he is the new face of bull riding and rodeo. Stick around as your 2014 World Champ gives us a few pointers on how to live like a champion while in Vegas.
nfr-round-7-sage-kimzey-haunted-mesa-86_5First things first, if you want to live like rodeo royalty, you have to get charged up like rodeo royalty. Kimzey didn’t skip a beat when he said, “two eggs over easy, hash browns, bacon, and a cup of coffee-black,” when asked what he eats for breakfast. Since getting dressed is usually the next part of someone’s morning routine, having clothes from his sponsor, Wrangler, on hand will be useful. Finally, if you want to smell like a champion you’ll need to mist yourself with a commemorative edition of Pendleton Cologne that was gifted to you for winning the Pendleton Round-Up, as does Kimzey.
Sage-Kimzey-Victory-Lap-735x1024Then you can trade in your current set of wheels for a Fancy Chrysler 300 because Kimzey will be rolling up to the MGM Grand, Home of the Champions, in one in a few days. Along with your new whip, you’ll need to impress the fans with your skills and charisma, like a champion. Aside from having a million dollar personality, he’s “really good at PlayStation and Call of Duty,” he says. If your PlayStation skills need work, try wooing them instead with 10 Bands or numerous rodeo Trophies.
When it’s time to head over to the Thomas & Mack, skip all of the pre-ride frills and superstitions. Blessings are the only things his routine consists of “…just show up, get everything ready, say a quick prayer and try my best,” he says, and it seems to be working for him. “What a time to be alive” for the millennial, as he enters the competition in the number one spot for the second time in a row. This Wrangler NFR looks promising for Kimzey, and there’s a good chance that he will be a back to back World Champion.

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