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Mesquite Championship Rodeo 2017

The Mesquite Championship Rodeo will be held at the Mesquite Arena of McKinney, Texas, every Saturday night until the end of September!

The PRCA Mesquite Championship Rodeo is coming back to the Mesquite Arena of McKinney, Texas, for the sixtieth year in a row. That is right, the classic rodeo of your Texas childhood has been going strong all these years, and 2017 may be its best one ever! Every Saturday night from here until the end of September will be filled with family fun and opportunities to live the good life in the country way.
Some of the main attractions of the rodeo are the cowboys, the bull riding, the two-stop dancing, the rodeo clowns and, of course, the BBQ. There will be a whole lot of chances to see some legendary bull riding action. The sport of bull riding is famous for being eight of the most exciting seconds you will ever see, and the rodeo will have it for you any time you care to see go it.
The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, or PRCA, monitors and sanctions the Mesquite Championship Rodeo every year. This means that Mesquite maintains the highest standards of sportsmanship, safety and respect for the animals. That is why this rodeo is one of the best attended in the world. More than 400 cowboys showed up in December for the first Christmas rodeo ever. A major event at the beginning of the Christmas holidays acts as a major draw for cowboys looking to qualify for the next year’s National Finals Rodeo, so the best rodeo talent brings their A-game to McKinney. There are also a host of other entertainers, from rodeo clowns to Texas two-step tutors.
The two jumbo video boards make it easy to keep up on the action from anywhere in the arena. The modern Mesquite Arena has been fully enclosed and air conditioned since 1998. That helps keeps the audience cool when the action gets hot, and there is plenty to eat too. In addition to the famous barbeque, there are other snack foods, sodas and alcoholic beverages. Reasonably priced concessions are one of the main benefits provided by the new management. After years of slowly creeping prices, the cost of beer and hot dogs has been brought back in line with what you might find at a good ballpark, stadium or state fair. That helps to make the Mesquite Championship Rodeo one of your best options to entertain the family on a weekend or special occasion.
Tickets to the PRCA Mesquite Championship Rodeo are available through Ticketmaster. Order now to obtain the best seats at the most reasonable prices.

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