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Mexican Rodeo Extravaganza rides into Denver for the NWSSR

National Western Stock Show’s Mexican Rodeo Extravaganza featured Mexican style bull riding, bareback riding, trick roping and Mariachis in Denver, Colorado

Charrería: A Mexican Tradition

By: Aaron Kuhl (@aarontkuhl)
IMG_6559Every January in beautiful Denver, the world’s largest stock show and horse shows have been taking place dating back to 1906. In fact, the Mexican Rodeo Extravaganza on January 12, 2014 proved to be one of the most awe-inspiring cultural experiences.
Over the years, Charrería has become a spectacular extravaganza sought-after by so many rodeo fans in both Mexico and the USA, as it has gradually developed into one of the most popular events that offer entertainment for the whole family. As a result, this Mexican tradition has evolved into an origin of economic aid and strong source of honor and pride for all involved communities.
Mexican Style BullRidingThis particular authentic Mexican fiesta was filled with entertainment for the entire family. Including a spectacular display of Mexican style bareback riding, bull riding, mutton busting, trick roping, Charros and Mariachis. In which, the action-packed lineup was choreographed by 4th generation champion Charro, Jerry Diaz.
The Mexican Rodeo Extravaganza, better known as a contemporary Charrería or Charreada, consists of more than ten events that combines cultural aspects of the Charro and Cowboy community. This particular event was filled some of the most exciting all-around performances, including some of the most gnarliest Rodeo Wrecks. Of course, all participants were given the best medical attention and care to ensure their safety in undesirable circumstances. Furthermore, Charros Federation USA works hand in hand with Federación Mexicana de Charrería to preserve and promote the engaging events so that the sport can continue to be in the United States.

Danny_Sebastien de la Cruz

Sebastien de la Cruz and CLN’s Danny O’Donnell at the Mexican Rodeo Extravaganza

The Charrería and rodeo allowed riders to compete in a fierce but fun environment for one of the most entertaining extravaganzas filled with cultural pageantry that CLN has ever witnessed. Including the “Paso de la Muerte” also known as, “Death Jump.”
Sebastien de la Cruz (@selcharrodeoro) gave a special bone chilling performance as he electrified the crowd with the “Himno Nacional Mexicano” (National Anthem of Mexico) and “The Star-Spangle Banner” (National Anthem).
In addition, Sebastien de la Cruz had the Denver Coliseum going crazy as he gave his own very special performances and engaged the crowd with his very impressive voice. That’s right folks, people might try to bend this young San Antonio native and try to shake his confidence after singing the National Anthem at the NBA Final by voicing racial rants on social media outlets like Twitter, but they certainly can’t break him. According to an ABC News interview, when Sebastien was asked back to sing the National Anthem he was “overjoyed and super happy.”


If you didn’t get a chance to attend the Mexican Rodeo Extravaganza this year in Denver, make sure that you plan to make it to the National Western Stock Show next year in 2015. Thanks for tuning into Cowboy Lifestyle Network and don’t forget to Click on’ and Hang on’!

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