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Miss Helotes Scholarship Pageant & Committee Representing Cornyval 2023

Helotes, Texas – the Helotes Cornyval and PRCA Rodeo 2023 is kicking off on Thursday, May 4th, Friday, May 5th, and Saturday, May 6th, 2023, with the Helotes Festival Association’s Award Winning PRCA Rodeo, held in conjunction with the Helotes Festival’s 57th Cornyval which runs through Sunday, May 7th. Helotes is located on the far northwest side of San Antonio, Texas in Bexar County at 12210 Leslie Rd, Helotes, TX 78023. 

Miss Helotes Scholarship Pageant

The Helotes Cornyval offers a Miss Helotes Scholarship Pageant for young ladies in 9th grade through 11th grade in the Helotes area. The first Miss Helotes Scholarship Pageant crowned its first Queen in 1967. These young ladies compete for a spot on the court and a chance to represent Helotes at the surrounding towns’ festivals and public appearances. In the beginning, the production was held at Floore’s County Store then moved around a bit. It is now held at Pedrotti’s Ranch.

Credit: Helotes Cornyval
Credit: Helotes Cornyval

The Miss Helotes Scholarship Pageant is known for having a professional and elegant presentation that outshines many other local pageants. The experience of this grand pageant has helped many young ladies become accomplished and successful moving forward in their lives and careers. The current Miss Helotes and court received a prize and gift package worth $15,500. Miss Helotes 2023 received the official crown, a 14-Karat white gold diamond ring from Rialto Jewelry in addition to a scholarship. 

Pictured: Miss Helotes Court Contestants 2023 - Credit: Cornyval Helotes
Pictured: Miss Helotes Court Contestants 2023 – Credit: Cornyval Helotes

Congratulations to 2023 Miss Helotes & her Court

  • Miss Helotes 2023 Evelyn Nordstrom
  • Princess Abigail Baley
  • Duchess Alexis Owens
  • Miss Citizenship Alexandra Garcia 
  • Miss Spirit Jaelyn Ainslie
  • Miss Congeniality Sabrina Moore
Pictured: Miss Helotes and her Court 2023 - Credit: Cornyval Helotes
Pictured: Miss Helotes and her Court 2023 – Credit: Cornyval Helotes

Miss Helotes Scholarship Pageant Committee

Helotes, Texas is a quaint little town with a strong community built on helping one another and the Helotes Festival Association is the perfect representation of that. Not only does the Helotes Festival Association celebrate its town of Helotes with the Cornyval but also with the grand celebration of the Miss Helotes Scholarship Pageant. With the 57th year kicking off, this event has been life-changing for thousands of young women from high schools in the Helotes area. By not only the opportunity to win scholarship money but also learning many life skills they get to carry into and throughout their journey in the real world. There have been countless contestants even those who have not won a title give thanks to the Miss Helotes Scholarship Pageant Committee for teaching them how to have a new sense of confidence and obtain interview skills. The Miss Helotes Scholarship Pageant as well as the Helotes Festival Association wouldn’t be made possible without volunteers. A group of empowering hard-working women with different backgrounds makes up the Miss Helotes Scholarship Pageant Committee as volunteers. They put so much work, love, and dedication into the Miss Helotes Scholarship Pageant Committee and work with the Miss Helotes Scholarship Pageant Contestants for ten weeks. The Miss Helotes Scholarship Pageant Committee prepares the contestants for ten weeks of different workshops where they’ll learn time management, public speaking skills, walking patterns, and what Helotes means to them.

Pictured: Helotes Pageant Committee - Credit: Cornyval Helotes
Pictured: Miss Helotes Pageant Committee – Credit: Cornyval Helotes

Members of the Miss Helotes Scholarship Pageant Committee

Vice President of Miss Helotes Court and Helotes Festival Association Executive Vice President – Jennifer Nowlin

Jennifer Nowlin is a power woman in assisting with the pageant, with the nickname “Court Mom”. She has been an active member of the Helotes Festival Association since 1984, a HFA Board of Director since 2010, Vice President of Miss Helotes Court “Court Mom” in 2012, and she was recently elected the HFA Executive Vice President. Jennifer also currently works full-time as a preschool teacher on top of her duties at HFA. She’s been teaching preschool for the last thirty years and she absolutely loves it. Once the pageant is over the girls who make Miss Helotes Court go under Jennifer’s guidance. She’s responsible for scheduling and watching over them at appearances throughout the year. Before the ladies are crowned, Jennifer attends the workshops to go over the expectations for the contestants to follow before making the Miss Helotes Court and what their responsibilities will be if they do win a title. One of the top things that Jennifer emphasizes is that the pageant will put a spotlight on each contestant as a representative of Helotes. Each contestant needs to ensure they are being the best version of themselves at all times. Her roles in both Helotes Festival Association and Miss Helotes Scholarship Pageant have helped shape so many young women’s lives and many of whom she remains in contact with today.  Jennifer has drive, is selfless, and has compassion for others which makes her not only an incredible representation of what the HFA is all about but she’s an outstanding role model for all of the young women of the Miss Helotes Courts.

Credit: Helotes Cornyval

Miss Helotes Director and Vice President of Miss Helotes Pageant – Jamie Taylor

Jamie Taylor is the leader of the Miss Helotes Scholarship Pageant Committee. Jamie has been the Pageant Director for five years and was recently elected to the Board of Director in the Helotes Festival Association. After her daughter, Kendall won the Miss Helotes Scholarship Pageant title in 2018 that led Jamie to get more involved with the pageant. As the Pageant Director her responsibilities consist of contacting locations, vendors, contestant parents, sponsors, and judges, and ensuring the night of the pageant runs smoothly. After the pageant has ended she’s soon to start planning for next year. Jamie was a paralegal for twelve years, she retired and stepped into event and wedding planning. She is also working towards her real estate license. With her past experience and networking skills, she’s able to look at things from a logistics point of view to help render responsibilities throughout the committee. Thanks to Jamie’s help the pageant has been successful and has blossomed over the years. 

Credit: Helotes Cornyval

Pageant Workshop Director – Lynn Bohac

Lynn Bohac helps lead pageant workshops and has been a Helotes Festival Association member since 2014. She uses her experiences from being on the Miss Helotes Scholarship Pageant Court in 2014 and her skills as a high school history teacher to help guide the young contestants. She helps teach these young ladies how to carry themselves through poise, confidence, and grace as well as teaching them public speaking and interviewing skills. Workshops kick-off at the end of January and end the week of the pageant. Over the year of the selected Miss Helotes Scholarship Pageant Court, the young ladies will serve the community as Helotes Ambassadors for the city, Helotes Festival Association, and many other events around Texas. Lynn has been able to help contestants discover what Helotes means to them while guiding them to be the best version of themselves. She has loved having the opportunity to give back to the organization that has given her so much.

Credit: Helotes Cornyval

Public Speaking and Confidence Coach – Jenny Marshall

Jenny Marshall helps assist with the pageant workshops each year. She is a Helotes native, a 2005 Miss Helotes Scholarship Pageant Court member, and represented Helotes at the 2012 Miss Texas Pageant. With her pageant background and career as a Partner Preferred Counsel Legal Placement Services L.P. she has an abundance of knowledge to share with contestants. By applying her skills to the workshops, she helps the contestants with their stage presence by leading both onstage and one-on-one interview practices. From the start of the first workshop to the night of pageant rehearsal these contestants grow in confidence and ability to eloquently form their thoughts into spoken answers. She’s very happy to help these young women grow and it’s special to witness. 

Credit: Helotes Cornyval

Wardrobe Director and Backstage Coordinator – Anne Bohac

Anne Bohac is the woman responsible for helping the young ladies “sparkle” on stage. She began her involvement with the pageant shortly after her daughter, Lynn, held a position on the Miss Helotes Scholarship Pageant Court in 2014. After witnessing her daughter blossom into a confident young woman she found herself yearning to become more involved in the organization. For two years Anne helped with the pageant backstage then took on the responsibility of wardrobe and is now the Wardrobe Director. Contestants compete in a fashion and evening gown section, Anne helps each contestant plan their outfits for on-stage and one-on-one interviews. This helps each contestant showcases her own individual style that helps her stand out from other contestants. Anne is also the Backstage Coordinator on pageant night and is assisted by her best friend, Stephanie Mackey, who is the Backstage Assistant Coordinator. This responsibility entails helping the young ladies get ready and prepare backstage for each portion of the pageant. Their work is to help encourage these young ladies to shine, feel confident on stage, and be able to tell the judges why they’re the best candidate for the title of Miss Helotes.

Credit: Helotes Cornyval

Thank You to the Volunteers

Without these incredible women, the Miss Helotes Scholarship Pageant would not be what it is today. They’ve put in countless hours of hard work, grit, and love in making the pageant into a legacy. This is where young women blossom and build their confidence while giving back to their community. Pageant Workshop Director, Lynn Bohac stated, “The Miss Helotes Scholarship Pageant Committee wishes luck to the new Court as they enter their year and wants to remind them to embrace and cherish every moment they have because it goes by quickly”. 

Credit: Helotes Cornyval

Helotes Cornyval and PRCA Rodeo

Be sure to come on down to the Helotes Cornyval and PRCA Rodeo. It’s an event you don’t want to miss and perfect for all ages! The Cornyval is full of thrilling rides, games, a super Ferris wheel, amusements, arts and crafts, vendors, food, the rodeo, and live music. The rodeo will consist of women’s barrel racing, breakaway roping, bareback bronc riding, saddle bronc riding, team roping, steer wrestling, tie-down roping, bull riding, and don’t forget mutton bustin’! There will be cash prizes and a Champion Buckle will be awarded at each event!

Credit: Cowboy Lifestyle Network

This year’s 2023 spectacular event consists of four nights of the action-packed carnival and three nights of PRCA rodeo. The Cornyval will start Thursday, May 4th, and go through May 7th. The PRCA rodeo will be kicking off on Thursday, May 4th through Saturday, May 6th! It’s the fastest-growing rodeo spectacle in the country. Thursday will be St. Jude night, Helotes Rodeo is making this a very special night. Friday night is Bud Light night and it isn’t a rodeo without a cold one! Lastly, Saturday the Helotes Rodeo represents unconditional support for our Veterans.

Credit: Cowboy Lifestyle Network

I hope y’all can come down to Helotes, Texas because this is one incredible event. Come make new memories and experience the Helotes Cornyval and PRCA Rodeo 2023. I’ll see ya there!

Credit: Cowboy Lifestyle Network

Helotes Cornyval and PRCA Rodeo 2023
Thursday, May 4th through Sunday, May 7th
12210 Leslie Rd, Helotes, TX 78023

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