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Music Monday Featured Artist: Craig Campbell

In February, after a few years of releasing a myriad of hit singles, Craig Campbell is back with a new album- The Lost Files: Exhibit A, which is the first of two records on deck. The 16-song collection is full of the classic sound that we know Campbell to have, catchy tunes that you’ll want to turn up in your truck on the way to the lake to Fish. The first single to be released off the album was Tractor Songs, written by Craig’s good buddy (and Fancy Like hit singer) Walker Hayes. “The story behind Craig recording the song began after the two played a show together in Orlando. As Walker listened to Craig’s set that night, he recalls thinking ‘…Man, I forgot how unreal his voice is – one of my Top 5 favorite voices.’ Walker met him as soon as he walked off the stage and pleaded with him ‘to let him sing a song or two.’ Tractor Songs was one of them. ‘He sings it like he wrote it,’ said Walker adding, ‘His voice and the song belong together.’”

Provided by Craig’s PR Team

The follow-up album is just around the corner, scheduled to be released late spring of this year. Campbell is in the process of putting together a coast-to-coast tour, bringing music to his fans that have been there since day one of setting foot in Nashville from his home state of Georgia. One song on Exhibit A that fans didn’t ever expect to hear is a true-blue country cover of Royals by Lorde. The cover boasts brilliant placement of fiddle, banjo, and steel guitar- almost as if it was meant to be a country song all along.

In 2020, while the world shut down, Campbell was taking his nose to the grindstone with writing and recording. With that and his single release of It’s About Time, Grindstone Records was born. According to the website, Grindstone is a progressive record release company that strives to put the artist’s needs first. We are here to provide label services and guide artists through the release process.

Provided by Craig’s PR Team

“I’ve been recording and producing music my way and that includes things I’ve never done before, like playing piano and producing. I’m not gonna even entertain the idea of recording any song if it doesn’t give me chills, and the same goes for artists we sign to Grindstone Records. I have to be proud of it. I have to answer for it and it has to get me fired up,” Campbell reflects. “Man, oh man…I love where I am!”

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