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Music Monday Featured Artist: Kyle Smithson

Producer and actor Kyle Smithson pours his heart into a subject that many are aware of, but also don’t enjoy talking about. The month of September is Suicide Prevention Month and what better way to raise awareness and help those in need than through song.

Written by Nashville musician Chad Wilson, Smithson has taken a very difficult subject and turned it into a message of hope with Wilson’s latest single, Devil. Dealing with loss and addiction himself, Kyle wanted to create a storyline that showed various aspects of issues people deal with themselves. Smithson says “with addiction and loss, from survivors guilt of those who were lost in the military to suicide, the devil is always going to be there. However, there is hope and there are ways to overcome those demons. I wanted to portray that hope and help people through the song.” Music has been proven to be a healing medium and is used regularly as an avenue of therapy for many working through trauma. Smithson hopes that through the visual story of this song, listeners who are suffering from their own demons will find the strength to reach out and ask for help.

Growing up in Chapel Hill, TN, Smithson has always had a love of country music. In that love, for many country fans as well, comes a sense of God, family and country; Kyle is no different. Although the Devil may be Smithson’s directorial debut, he has quite the resume of producing and acting. Like many, Kyle started out singing in the church choir and fell in love with music. As an adult, he was always on the entertainment side of things, but in the last year, Smithson has broken into music video production where he has had the opportunity to work with some incredible artists such as Pat Green and Trey Lewis, just to name a few. 

Working with Whale Tale Media and Kyle Saylors (No Vacancy, Evander Holyfield: In Your Corner), Kyle has caught the bug to create his own music as well. After putting out his first single for a short film he produced called Shotgun Charlie, Kyle decided to continue pursuing music in addition to the rest of the creative avenues and will be putting out an album next year. You can also see Smithson in the upcoming movie, Muzzle, starring Aaron Eckhart and Diego Tinoco.

If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available. Call or text 988 or chat to reach the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.

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