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Music Monday Featured Artist: Steve Moakler

Country singer/songwriter Steve Moakler moved from Pennsylvania to Nashville over a decade ago to, like many before him, pursue music. As a singer and songwriter, Steve states “I’ve had a very unconventional Nashville journey. I didn’t really know there was a difference between being a songwriter and an artist. I just wanted to do both and I wasn’t even really in the country genre. I was so naive so I just started making records and slowly grew a fan base.”

“After being here for about five years I discovered writer’s rounds and was totally rocked by the songwriters I was hearing. It naturally inspired me and helped my sound evolve into what it is today, which is a lot more country. It also led me into writing songs for other country artists. I really fell into it by accident!” he laughs. Over the years, Moakler has been a writer on hits by Dierks Bently, Reba McEntire, Jake Owen, and many more.

On August 12th, Steve will be releasing his latest album, Make A Little Room. Moakler says,

“these songs were all written and recorded during the pandemic. I realized that I was just processing the change that was going on, we moved our family outside of the Nashville city limits, we welcomed our second child…there was just a lot going on! All that made for a perspective shift within me and I wanted to reclaim the things that matter most to me. That’s really the heart of this new record and what these songs are about.”

Moakler’s latest single release, the title track of the new album, is the perfect lead-off for the new record. It’s about reclaiming the things that are important to you, slowing down, and not missing the small things. A fun and easy groove, Steve’s style of music will make anyone listening feel good and sing along, dedicating the lyrics to those who inspire them.

Currently, Steve is in the middle of his later Hometown and Campgrounds Tour. “It’s a tour I’ve done with my family for years. A unique way of touring, but we pull an airstream around and do private shows at people’s homes, farms, and more. It started out with my wife and me, but now we bring our two kids with us and it’s such an amazing and fun experience! It really points back to the idea behind this album. It allows me to tour with my family, go on an adventure and really make a connection with those who love our music. It’s such a pure thing. I feel so alive and present during these tours.” 

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