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Music Monday Featured Band: Madison Station

Madison Station, comprised of Craig Anderson (formerly of Platinum-selling band Heartland) and Lance Horton, released their debut single and music video “Back In The Day” on Yellow Hammer Records.

“Back In The Day” Single Artwork

“Back In The Day” takes listeners on a nostalgic journey into simpler times and days where there were no responsibilities or deadlines to be made. Days were spent drinking “Sundrop in a bottle, sittin’ on a tailgate outside of McDonald’s.” In the music video, friends are looking through old polaroid photos and reminiscing as the song plays on. Throughout the song, a reference to “Jenny Lynn” is made as lead singer Horton expresses how madly he fell for his girl in the old days, and she’s still in his arms in the present. This high-energy, feel-good song will take fans along for the ride remembering the best memories of their past.

Listen and watch “Back In The Day” below!

Horton speaks on the debut track, saying, “We’ve all been in situations where we bump into old friends, and the topic of conversation either begins or ends with reminiscing about the old days. It’s a topic prevalent in all ages and all walks of life. I think that’s why we love this song so much. It takes us back to a more innocent time.” Anderson adds,

“It’s an authentic narrative about the lifestyle that I any many others grew up with … you know, back in the day.”

Dewayne Brown, CEO of Brown Lee Entertainment LLC, spoke about working with Madison Station, saying, “I have been watching these guys for over a year now, and when I heard the new music that Jimmy Ritchie produced, I was stunned with amazement. The staff and I at BLE are very excited about working with Yellow Hammer Records, Madison Station, and can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Anderson and Horton are no strangers to the Nashville songwriting community, as they are what some may call country connoisseurs. The duo has an impressive track record and is familiar with the art of crafting a great song, with “Back In The Day” being no different. With Anderson’s success in the country band Heartland and Horton’s familiarity behind the microphone, they bring a wealth of experience to the table. They are both seasoned performers known for their dynamic and highly entertaining live shows.

For more information, visit and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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