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Nathan Dean & The Damn Band’s Album Release

Photo Credit to the Grizzly Rose

Nathan Dean and the Damn Band has been together since 2005 when they had their first gig at Rooster’s in Mesa, Arizona and here in 2019 they are still going strong and putting out a brand new album.

Getting to hang out with lead man Nathan Dean and drummer Bill Bogan in Las Vegas was fun, but being able to have our interview on the top of the Coors Light RV that was parked right in front of the Thomas and Mack Center AND right before the Wrangler National Finals that night was mind-blowing! What better spot to bring some fans and tour around the strip and hear some great music.

When asking about all that just the beginning had in store for the band he got quite the grin on his face. “we’re playing big shows in Denver starting the year off at the Grizzly Rose show with Randy Rogers, and Ned Ledoux.” Nathan said. However, he was hoping the album would be done by that time, but he’s having a harder time than usual due to the album artwork. He remarked, “the artwork is being finished right now the music’s done, so that’s that’s the hard part, I should I say that it is taking forever because I’m picky.”

They kicked off their 2018 “Citizen of the Universe” Tour in Albuquerque in May of 2018, and it has been a wild ride ever since! The album is named the same as the tour. It has been a long time coming according to Nathan. “Been eight years since we put out of the album because we’ve been so busy traveling, playing and maybe drinking a bit more than we should.” he laughed, I assured him there was no such thing. He continued “but this time I wanted to make sure like I’m taking the time because every other album once it got done I was like man I wish I would have done this or that, and I’m sure that’ll still happen but at least I’m taking time in my own mind enough time just get it right”

I wanted to press a bit further to see if the music was going to be much like their fun party song of 2013 called “Son of a Gun” It was filmed by the crew at CLN in Toby Keith’s I love this Bar & Grill in Mesa AZ. He said, “it’s a little darker than other albums, but we do have drinking songs on this one.” Nathan continued “cause we singing and drink a lot, so we drink and sing a lot,” but he said as his tone turned a bit more somber “you know I lost my dad and a guitar player in like three months, so there’s some somber songs about that, that’s kinda where a bunch of the songs on the record are from. He summed it up saying “good bad or indifferent that is kinda where the direction went”

With as many frequent driving miles that these boys have on their tires you should be able to catch a show no matter what part of the country you live in but if you’re up in the Denver area head to the Grizzly Rose to watch Nathan Dean and the Damn Band performing with all the Red Dirt country you have come to love. We can’t wait to see that artwork and share more music from this great group!

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