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NFL Player Jared Allen Becomes One of the Top Bull Contractors for PBR

Read more here about Jared Allen and his Pro Bull Team. You can find information about his new endeavors as a livestock contractor for PBR!

Jared Allen had football in his heart and mind as a youngster, when he told his dad at age eight that was his dream. Since that early vision, he went on jared-allen-via-pbrto play as a professional for the Carolina Panthers, finishing his career after a Super Bowl 50 appearance. Jared is now retired from the football scene but has found himself passionate as a successful bull contractor. Jared is the owner of the Jared Allen s Pro Bull Team for the professional bull riders or PBR, commenting that “Our program is helping to define the future of PBR. Our team is re-defining marketing in this arena, thus providing a better overall experience for fans and sponsors alike.”
jared-allens-pbr-bull-milky-jonesAs a bull contractor, Jared has a high regard for the 20 bulls that roam his ranch in Arlington, Minnesota. He states that the bulls are not just animals to him but excellent athletes, being treated and fed appropriately to guarantee the best goes into their bodies.
The Beginnings for Jared Allen s Pro Bull Team
At the onset of his career raising the bulls for competition, the cost for the animals was extravagant at more than $100,000. As he progressed with the animals to more success, Jared began breeding his bulls, which is more cost effective. Such a process requires matching the right bull with the right cow for the best, healthy specimen.

Billy Robinson attempts to ride Ace of Spades/Talbert's Hot Iron during the first round of the Anaheim Built Ford Tough series PBR. Photo by Andy Watson

Billy Robinson attempts to ride Ace of Spades/Talbert’s Hot Iron during the first round of the Anaheim Built Ford Tough series PBR. Photo by Andy Watson

About Profession Bull Riders (PBR)
PBR is an international organization for bull riders that is based in Pueblo, Colorado. Professional bull riding is among the fastest growing sports in America. As of 2013, more than 1200 riders were televised through the organization, with memberships in Canada, Brazil, the USA, New Zealand, Australia and Mexico. The riders engage in more than 300 bull riding events annually on various tours. Professional Bull Riders are proud of its success, making it a worldwide phenomenon over the past two decades.
2014 Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Spring Fling Futurity. Photo By: Todd Brewer/Bull Stock Media

2014 Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Spring Fling Futurity. Photo By: Todd Brewer/Bull Stock Media

Jaren Allen has worked with the professional bull riders since 2012, owning three bulls that compete in the elite Built Ford Tough Series. His bulls, JAH4WW Thumbs Up, JAH4WW HY Test, and JAH4WW Hot Iron, along with the bull’s handler Matt Scharping have raised more than $100,000. The monies are the result of grassroots bull riding events, straw auctions, and event winnings. Both Matt and Jared have collaborated to hand pick animals for the season.
jared-allen-minesota-vikingsCLN & Jared Allen’s Pro Bull Team
The Cowboy Lifestyle Network works closely with bull contractor Jared Allen and the PBR, covering many of his events. The CLN is a major online resource and community dealing with all aspects of rodeo events and everything cowboy.

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