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NFR Packing with Megan Caruso

The girlfriend of bull rider Chandler Bownds and rodeo fashionista Megan Caruso gives us the low down on what it takes to pack successfully for the event!

Megan CarusoStressing out about how you’re going to fit everything you need for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo into your suitcase? First-time attendee and don’t know what to pack for the trip? Want to know what prep needs to be done before your flight? The girlfriend of bull rider Chandler Bownds and rodeo fashionista Megan Caruso gives us the low down on what it takes to pack successfully for the event!
Megan CarusoMegan will be there for the entire rodeo, so she begins with preparing for her looks as early as July. “This is one thing in life that I do not procrastinate about. When it’s time to go, I like knowing that I can relax because I already have everything planned,” she says. During these early stages, Megan also experiments with her makeup to reduce prep time the day of each performance. A week before leaving is when she recommends getting to the salon for mani-pedis and facials, and then a spray tan the day before.
Knowing exactly what you’re going to wear each day eliminates the possibility of over packing, and the process becomes more efficient as well. Storing your TSA-approved beauty products in Ziploc bags and rolling your jeans and shirts up will keep everything compact and your luggage organized. Megan advises that you always pack styling tools in your carry-on, just in case your checked bags don’t arrive when they’re supposed to. Expect chilly weather and a lot of walking so take a jacket or cardigan to stay warm and comfortable footwear. “I like to bring a variety of shoes. Cute but comfy heels, my Justin and Tony Lama boots, and a few others.” What sets aside her NFR ensembles from regular season rodeo picks is that she goes for a “much more extravagant and dressy” appeal. Also, don’t forget to pack a couple casual outfits if you plan on hitting up Cowboy Christmas!
Megan CarusoOnce stationed at the hotel, Megan hangs up her outfits and accessories in the order she’ll wear them in, putting each outfit’s shoes on the closet floor below. “Then I am finished, and I can relax,” she says. After all the hard work is done, and it’s time to get gussied up and head out for the day she loads up her purse with her iPhone, lip gloss, I.D. and pepper spray, saying that “you can never be too careful.”
For your chance to be featured on upload pictures of you in your NFR looks to Instagram and be sure to include @cowboylifestylenetwork and #CLNNFRFASH15 in the caption to be considered for our Best of NFR Fashion 2015 article!
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Megan Wilson, 22, is finishing up her animal science degree at Tarleton State University and currently resides in Stephenville, TX. Aside from owning the boutique The Velvet Steer Company, she enjoys traveling, cooking, sports, barrel racing, and sewing. Her favorite color is olive green, favorite food is fried green tomatoes and cheesy grits, and favorite movie is ATL. You can keep up with her style and adventures on instagram @trippytexashoney!

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