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CLN Reviews: No Bull Customs

Earnhardt Auto Centers’ No Bull Customs specializes in the sale/installation of aftermarket automotive accessories. Learn all about Arizona’s one stop shop.

No Bull Customs

One Stop Shop at Earnhardt Auto Centers

Earnhardts-No-Bull-Customs-BRP-Ford-F-250-TruckAdding aftermarket accessories to your truck, car, van or SUV can oftentimes be overwhelming.

You want that exclusive look that sets yourself apart from the rest of the stock vehicles on the road, but you need a dependable source for all your parts that doesn’t take advantage of you.

Cowboy Lifestyle Network is here to share the good news about an automobile and parts source that is price competitive with the best reputation in the State of Arizona.

Inside of all the Earnhardt Auto Centers you can find No Bull Customs.
Earnhardt Auto Centers-No-Bull-Customs-3People need the one stop shop. No Bull Customs exists because Earnhardt’s have a customer base that needs to be taken care of.
No Bull Customs specializes in the sale and installation of aftermarket automotive accessories.

They handle everything from custom wheels and tires, to lift kits, A/V, exhaust kits, vehicle wraps and much more.

No Bull Customs Ford Raptor F-150 Earnhardt Ford

No Bull Customs Ford Raptor F-150 Earnhardt Ford

With No Bull Customs, Earnhardt Auto Centers is able to handle everything.

From B&W goosenecks to Ranch Hand bumpers, all the way to custom paint and Rolling Big Power (RBP) wheels, No Bull Customs are truly a one stop shop all they way through.

It’s important to know that there is this stigma that the dealerships automatically cost more.

Well it is a dealership, it should cost more right? As a matter of fact, it doesn’t cost more and that’s the benefit of going to No Bull Customs.

Earnhardt Auto Centers No-Bull Customs Shop

Earnhardt Auto Centers No-Bull Customs Shop

Earnhardt’s No Bull Customs is price competitive with everybody down the street and more often than not, they are much cheaper. In fact, No Bull Customs take on a bigger liability selling to a customer than the “average Joe” down the street that could go out of business next week.

No Bull Customs use a lot of companies that are manufactured in Arizona, as they have highest priority. In other words, Arizona made and American made products get priority over any other product. For instance, No Bull Customs uses Relentless Auto Works (RAW), a local Arizona company for custom paint work.

“Our warranty’s are to be stood by, our pricing is competitive; we are not going to promise you things we can’t do. If we can’t do something than we are going to tell you someone who can do it for you, or tell you why we are not going to do it.”  – Dustin Urland, No Bull Customs’ Accessory Manager

CLN’s Exclusive Interview with No Bull Customs’ Dustin Urland

Aaron Kuhl: Is there a particular product that Earnhardt’s No Bull Customs specifically recommends or do you let the customer pick and choose?


No Bull Customs’ Accessory Specialist’s Dustin Urland and Toby Ramsey with CLN’s Aaron Kuhl

Dustin Urland: We let the customer pick, but we have gone through many products and we know which ones work and which ones fail. For example, we prefer B&W goosenecks over Pop-up, we know Ranch Hand grills work, we know Air Raid intakes work.

We know that our customers aren’t going to be experimenting with a product and have issues. So we have also been down that road. We know the products that are going to work. In other words, we aren’t trying to shove product their throat to make a profit.

Aaron Kuhl: If somebody in Scottsdale is looking to purchase a product, where do they need to bring their vehicle in?

Ram Truck-No Bull Customs-Payson Rodeo 2014-CLN

Ram Truck displayed by Earnhardt’s No Bull Customs at the 2014 Gary Hardt Memorial Spring Rodeo in Payson, AZ

Dustin Urland: They have to bring their vehicle into our corporate store located off of the I-10 and Ray Road. It’s our most convenient location.
You are basically 20 miles from any point in the Valley. You can be 20 miles from east Mesa, Deer Valley, Avondale, Maricopa and so on.
It’s the most centralized location as of right now.

Aaron Kuhl: Do you do all your No Bull Customs work in-house?


Brad Biggs, Cody Pratt, Charlie Sampson, Dustin Urland and Patrick ‘OD’ O’Donnell at Earnhardt’s No Bull Customs marketing display at the 2014 Gary Hardt Memorial Spring Rodeo in Payson, AZ

Dustin Urland: Yes, we only have a very few things that we send out. Moon roofs and leather being the two major ones. We don’t appreciate cutting holes in people’s roofs.

Aaron Kuhl: What is the turnaround?

Dustin Urland: Turnaround depends on the product. A simple gooseneck and/or bed liner is a same day turnaround. If they want to do air bags, goosenecks and everything else, it goes in the next day. However, they are given that expectation before they leave.

Aaron Kuhl: If I want to get ahold of you and talk about putting some parts on my truck, how do I contact you?

Dustin Urland: You can contact me personally at 480-893-0000 (ext. 6275).
Also, feel free to contact us by visiting

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