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Orange County Fire Authority promotes cancer awareness

The Orange County Fire Authority takes cancer seriously and wants its firefighters, employees and the greater community to do the same.

The Orange County Fire Authority takes cancer seriously and wants its firefighters, employees and the greater community to do the same. They encourage everyone to take a proactive approach with cancer prevention and treatment.

OCFA Cancer Awareness

Firefighters with the Orange County Fire Authority have raised thousands of dollars for breast cancer research and wear pink to spread cancer awareness.
Photo credit: Orange County Register

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health estimates that cancer is the second leading cause of death among firefighters, followed by cardiovascular disease. According to the Firefighter Cancer Alliance, cancer deaths among firefighters and fire service employees have risen dramatically over the last 20 years due to synthetic products, plastics and other toxic chemicals that can release carcinogens during a fire.
For firefighters, exposure to these materials can significantly increase their risk of developing cancer. Of course, firefighters are not immune to other types of cancer that affect the public too. The Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) works to spread cancer awareness by encouraging screenings and proactive treatment plans.
OCFA Cancer AwarenessThe OCFA created a video with firefighters sharing their own personal experiences with cancer. The OCFA serves nearly 1.8 million people in 23 cities and in the unincorporated areas of Orange County, California, with 1,010 firefighters. Each summer in California and the rest of the West, wildfires rage and firefighters risk their own lives to protect the lives and homes of others in their communities. Coors Banquet supports these firefighters again this summer with its Protect Our West (POW) campaign. Coors donates funds from every purchase of a case or case equivalent of Coors Banquet beer to benefit the Wildland Firefighter Foundation.
Protect Our West Wildland-Firefighter-Foundation-(FI)
The Wildland Firefighter Foundation provides aid to firefighters injured while battling grass or forest fires throughout the Western region, and supports families of fallen wildland firefighters. The Foundation may also help with travel costs to bring family members to the bedside of an injured firefighter, or could help replace lost wages during a firefighter’s medical leave.  For more information about services and support offered by the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, visit their website.  The Wildland Firefighter Foundation and the Orange County Fire Authority share common goals of providing resources to help keep our country’s firefighters supported, healthy and safe. 

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