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Okies win first-ever Cactus #10.5 for $61,500

Photos courtesy of Olie's Images

Good friends Mark Collins and Max Vincent were moved to tears and long hugs after their $61,500 win in the first-ever Cactus 10.5 Over 40 roping during Wrangler BFI Week presented by Yeti, held at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

“To be able to drive two hours from the house and win life-changing money is incredible,” said Collins, who owns a lumber yard and hardware store in tiny Leedey.

It marked the first time he ever headed a steer for Vincent, 59, instead of the other way around. A number change on Vincent’s part meant he was classified low enough for the pair to be able to switch ends and rope in the 10.5. It happened after Vincent underwent harrowing esophageal cancer treatment.

“He was on the verge of death,” recalled Collins, 54. “He’s just lately put some weight back on.”

The pair had won the first round for $3,500 and entered the finals as the high callback. They watched Quarter Horse racing’s leading all-time jockey, the retired G.R. Carter and his partner, Joe Waldman, apply pressure with a snappy six-second run. But Collins and Vincent made another smooth run to hold onto the fastest four-head aggregate time and earn the $58,000 paycheck. Carter and Waldman settled for second and $40,000.

Vincent, a pipeline inspector and rancher from Dover, heels on a horse he got from former world champion header Nick Sartain. He said he tried not to pay attention to the short-round hype, refusing to watch other teams and keeping his eyes on the steers in the lead-up.

Wrangler BFI Week wraps up with the All-Girl Challenge on June 24. All events are live-streamed on

Complete Results from the Cactus #10.5 Over 40 on June 23:

First Round: 1. Mark Collins and Max Vincent, 7.74 seconds, $3,500; 2. Steve Taylor and Russell Hild, 8.36, $3,000; 3. Tres Moore and Brandon Smith, 8.82, $2,500. Second Round: 1. Ronnie Hill and Jason Miller, 7.08 seconds, $3,500; 2. Hannah White and Bryan Caldwell, 7.39, $3,000; 3. Marty Lindner and Ken Plocek, 7.40, $2,500. Short Round (that didn’t place in the average): 1. Ryan Morrow and Alan Chappell, 8.07 seconds, $3,500; 2. Connie Harris and Rob Lauer, 10.71, $3,000; 3. Jim Brecheisen and Joaquin Huntington, 13.57, $2,500. Average: 1. Mark Collins and Max Vincent, 35.54 seconds on four, $58,000; 2 GR Carter Jr and Joe Waldman, 36.89, $40,000; 3. Steve Taylor and Russell Hild, 41.15, $30,000; 4. Tish Luke and Scott Seiler, 41.31, $20,000; 5. David James and Jody Higgins, 42.27, $15,000; 6. David Schiel and Jason Grimm, 45.83, $10,000; 7. Lynndel Walters and jerry Imhoff, 46.24, $8,000; 8. Richard Wade Jones and Kade Elkins, 47.70, $8,000; 9. Cameron Southard and Jon Carpenter, 49.84, $6,000; 10. Troy Applegate and Kelly Tuley, 51.29, $6,000; 11. Craig Moore and Danny Watson, 51.77, $5,000; 12. Travis Regensberg and Justin Ketcham, 51.93, $5,000.

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