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A Community Built on Passion for the Western Industry

A Community Built on Passion for the Western Industry

There is something to be said for a business that is built on true passion and foundational values that can’t be taught or bought. That is exactly what WSM Auctioneers is creating. Between bulls at the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) and bullfighters in American Freestyle Bullfighting (AFB), WSM is creating a community that some can only dream of.

If you are wondering what kind of business is able to accomplish the great feat of creating such a wonderful community, then wonder no further. WSM Auctioneers is based out of Phoenix, Arizona and gives new life to vehicles, tractor supplies, construction materials, and so many other types of industrial equipment. You never know what you are going to find at WSM Auctions.

WSM Auctions has prided themselves on the reputation they have built for being fair and honest in their auctions. Not only do they host public auctions for folks to come and bid their hearts out, but they also take consignments that allow you to make money on assets you have possibly sitting around your house.

When John, owner of WSM, decided he wanted to pursue other avenues to represent his business, he went with what he loved, the Western industry. This is the reason why you will find his iconic logo on the jersey of “Sasquatch”, bullfighter for American Freestyle Bullfighting and Bullfighters Only (BFO), the shirts and helmets of multiple riders in the PBR and of course, a proud partner of Cowboy Lifestyle Network.


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Krysta Paffrath, an Arizona native, is a social media marketer by trade but has a passion for the western lifestyle. She runs and owns two local businesses at just the young age of twenty-five. Her entrepreneurial spirit has guided her to work in many places like the WYO Quarter Horse Ranch in Thermopolis, Wyoming, a working cattle ranch in Seligman, Arizona and many places in between. Krysta has been involved in the rodeo scene for several years and is excited to be teaming up with Cowboy Lifestyle Network. Between being passionate about her career and preserving the western way of life she is excited to see what this next chapter holds for her.

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