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PNW Beef is Creating Sustainable Beef for the Future

PNW Beef, Inc. is committed to providing its customers with high-end, sustainable, and delicious USDA-Certified beef. Their outstanding product starts with the dedication to maintaining a consistent, high quality, and happy cattle herd. They achieve this by integrating high-technology (optimized feed ration and mixer box) with old-school, the cowboy way of low-stress cattle handling. PNW Beef strongly believes in sustainability and works to reduce the impact on the environment by up-cycling local spent grain from breweries and other by-products. It’s run exclusively on local pastures, which heavily reduces the carbon footprint. PNW Beef is allowed to still move their cows the old fashion way with horses and dogs instead of trucks and trailers. This is a family-owned company founded on hard work, strong values, community, environmental stewardship, and the highest animal care. 

Credit: PNW Beef, Inc.
Credit: PNW Beef, Inc.

About PNW Beef

PNW Beef, Inc. started in 2014 as Beard Ranch, Inc. It was originally a custom grazing business that took care of other people’s property and cattle. Through a lot of hard work they grew and evolved into a cattle operation with over 2,000 acres of both leased and privately owned grazing property. The Beard Ranch Inc. purchased 160 acres in 2018 that were used as a grass ranch and an off-season feed operation. It feeds around 900 head of cattle under hot wire fences which are moved daily across the pasture. The cattle are fed spent brewer’s grain, hay dust, bakery by-products, and hay chaff (all considered waste and by-products). They are then mixed in a wagon with trace minerals and suspended in molasses. The result is the perfect tasting ration that the cattle enjoy. The feed lines create the best manure spreader as the fence is moved towards the fresh pasture before the next ration is fed.  

Credit: PNW Beef, Inc.
Credit: PNW Beef, Inc.

Originally the 900 head belonged to other ranches. Eventually, they started feeding and finishing their own calves that’s when the idea for PNW Beef, Inc. was born. PNW Beef, Inc. is now a co-op devoted to producing and selling high-quality beef directly to consumers. They’re very proud to include other local ranching families with the same beliefs and goals. 

Credit: PNW Beef, Inc.
Credit: PNW Beef, Inc.

PNW Beef, Inc. provides you with fresher, high-quality beef than what you’d find at your local grocery store. They are also committed to saving you money by cutting out the middleman. Not only are the PNW steaks, pot-roasts, or hamburgers delicious but they’ve helped support hard-working ranch families and their happy cows. 

Credit: PNW Beef, Inc.

Be sure to check out PNW Beef at and shop their selection of USDA-certified, pasture-raised, spent-grain finished beef sold by the box. You’ll select from different cuts, specials, and subscriptions and have it shipped directly to your door. 

Credit: PNW Beef, Inc.

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