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Pro Rodeo Barrel Racing For Men and Women

Barrel racing is one of the most expensive rodeo events. Being a timed event, participants have to complete it in the shortest time possible. Looking at various Barrel Racing photos, you can easily infer that this event involve three barrels. The rider has to ride around all three barrels in the shortest time possible. Additionally, they should do this in a cloverleaf form. Knocking down a barrel will result in penalties.

A professional rider can complete this event in less than 14 seconds. Compared to other rodeo events, barrel racing is very safe and this is evident from the photos of this sport. Stopwatches are used to time the event. Most photos are those of women barrel racers since this event initially began as a women’s event. It is also one of the oldest rodeo events. The horses used in this sport are quite expensive. Some of these horses have been known to cost around $50,000.

Pro Rodeo Barrel Racing Photos

Pro Rodeo Barrel Racing is an event in rodeo where a rider enters the arena and must correctly complete a clover leaf pattern around three large barrels set in arena in a triangular format. If a rider is to knock over a barrel 5 seconds are added to the time. If a rider doesn’t complete the pattern correctly the run is counted as a no time, or disqualified.

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