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Pro Rodeo Bull Riding Photos

Pro Rodeo Bull Riding Photos is an event in rodeo where a cowboy rides a bull for a complete 8 seconds.

Profesional Rodeo Bull Riding


Pro Rodeo –  Bull Riding Photos
As any rodeo lover will know, bull riding is perhaps the most popular of all rodeo events. Most rodeo websites and magazines have Bull Riding photos. This is testament to the popularity of this sport. It is also one of the most dangerous events. Very few bull riders have completed this sport without getting hurt. It is similar to bareback riding and saddle bronc riding in the fact that riders can only use one hand.
The main priority of the bull rider is to stay on the bull for at least 8 seconds. Courage, coordination, flexibility and balance are required in order to complete this event without sustaining many injuries. Most pictures can be quite scary, since the bulls used in this event weigh in excess of 2000 pounds. Pictures from the Professional Bull Riders tour are readily available on the internet. Bull riding is definitely one of the most popular rodeo events.   (2/10/2012)
Pro Rodeo Bull Riding is an event in rodeo where a cowboy mounts a bull inside of a chute. The bull is released from the chute and will buck and/or spin to attempt to get the rider off. The cowboy can only use one hand to hold on, the other hand must remain in air and if it touches the bull or ground the score is not counted. The rider must stay on for a full 8 seconds. (9/23/2011)

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