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Legends of the Old West Podcast: Red Cloud’s War Episode 3

Red Cloud’s War: Warning Signs

Legends of the Old West Podcast are excited to introduce the third episode in their new season, Red Cloud’s War: Warning Signs.  AIn the summer of 1866, an untested colonel leads a battalion of infantry onto the High Plains. His mission is to open the Bozeman Trail and build a series of forts in the Powder River Country. Red Cloud issues a declaration of war to protect his cherished hunting grounds and begins a campaign of harassment that takes a heavy toll on the soldiers.

As winter arrives, Red Cloud convinces his allies to forgo their traditional winter camps in the Black Hills. They agree to stay and fight with two goals in mind: wipe out the soldiers and burn the forts to the ground. Download on your favorite podcast app or for links to listen to the whole season go to:

Hear the full story on what happens in this episode of Red Cloud’s War: Warning Signs.

To find out how this story begins, make sure to check out Episode 1 on Legends of the Old West Podcast, or listen & subscribe on your favorite podcast app.

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