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Legends of the Old West Podcast: Red Cloud’s War Episode 5

Red Cloud’s War: End Game

Legends of the Old West Podcast are excited to introduce the second episode in their new season, Red Cloud’s War: Fetterman’s Fight. A heroic civilian makes an incredible ride to send news of the battle at Fort Phil Kearny
to the U.S. Army. The army is shocked by the event and quickly makes changes within
its ranks. The following spring, Red Cloud resumes his attacks on the outposts in the
Powder River Country.

Politicians in the east are stunned by Red Cloud’s ability to keep a multi-tribal coalition in
place for two fighting seasons in a row. They see no end to the bloodshed, so they finally
agree to Red Cloud’s demands. A Native American army forces the United States to sue
for peace for the first and only time in its history. Red Cloud celebrates his victory, but
soon realizes it was minor when compared with the unstoppable force of the growing

Make sure to check out the full story on what happens in this episode of Red Cloud’s War: End Game.

To find out how this story begins, make sure to check out Episode 1 on Legends of the Old West Podcast, or listen & subscribe on your favorite podcast app.

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