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Rodeo: A Modern Classic

There’s no doubt that rodeo has evolved over the years. This sport has had tremendous growth even in the last decade. More rodeos are being broadcasted and publicized than ever before. This community is growing with the times and it is paying off!

Rodeo: A Modern Classic

Obviously social media has greatly helped in this transition. Before Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, rodeo was limited to live action or watching the NFR once a year. Nowadays the reach of rodeo is limitless. With the help of great organizations like Cowboy Lifestyle Network, Florodeo, and the Cowboy Channel, this sport is erupting in new fans and contestants. Connecting and growing this industry is the main goal.

Positive influencers that come from rodeo are spreading their wisdom to the masses. Fallon Taylor and Tyson Durfey, just to name a couple, are huge inspirations and fantastic role models to the sport. They have been reaching out on all social media platforms to motivate and teach anyone who is willing to listen.  Dale Brisby is probably one of the most recognized personalities of rodeo these days. He’s brought laughs and lessons to all kinds of people and has shown a lighter side to the rodeo and ranching. Also on social media, western influence has definitely made its way to fashion. Modern labels have been drawing from the western style more than ever. Women expressing their love for rodeo, fashion, and the western lifestyle are furthering the demographic and positively impacting the world.  The rodeo family is truly like no other, unexplainable but undeniable.

Rodeo: A Modern Classic

Although there has been a great deal of progress, rodeo and ranching stay rooted in God and family. Generations of families are keeping the traditions alive and well. Great cattle ranches across the United States are still working and instilling in future generations the importance of hard work and respect. The 6666 Ranch houses some of the best Quarter horses and black Angus cattle on over 200,000 acres of land.  Day working cowboys still exist and take care of all the stock you see at the rodeo. And the professionals who put on a show for you every night have the dedication and a passion for what they do. The western mentality shines through the modern world in simple but significant ways.

Rodeo has gone from a ranching past time to an outlaw lifestyle, to a skilled and professional sport. It has come such a long way from humble beginnings. The rough and tumble have become more refined, but still has the classic events and values from back in the day. The mindset and work ethic of these cowboys and cowgirls are genuinely second to none. Rodeo not only entertains more people than ever but can now sustain the contestants. More recognition and prize earnings are up for grabs than ever before. This is a huge step to make sure a contestant’s family and security is taken care of. Having a passion that can provide your family is the dream job opportunity, and any one of the professionals will tell you they’re lucky they get to do it. Who can say what’s next for the cowboy lifestyle? The possibilities are endless and the determination is to. Rodeo is definitely trending upward but keeping itself rooted in its great heritage.

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