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Rodeo Queen Anna Butler’s Experience at Shoppers Supply

Hello there! I’m Anna Butler, currently residing in Arizona. When I’m not soaking up the sun, you can find me exploring the outdoors, whether it’s riding with the Cowgirls Historical Foundation, embarking on adventures with friends, or simply enjoying a good book while camping or kayaking. At home, I’m surrounded by my beloved Quarter horses, Cheyanne and Spade, as well as my mini Australian shepherd, Beau. In the realm of rodeo, I am honored to have held several prestigious titles, including Roots N’ Boot Teen Queen, Gilbert Days Teen Queen, Gilbert Days Rodeo Queen, Show Low Deuces Wild Rodeo Queen, and Miss PAFRA. Fun fact: my family and I have been loyal customers of Shoppers Supply since they opened their doors in Apache Junction back in 2011.

Credit: Anna Butler

Whenever someone asks where I get my horse feed, my immediate answer is always
Shoppers Supply. It’s my ultimate spot in the valley for all-things animal related.
Whether it’s pellets, horse treats, shavings, goat feed, dog food, or even clothing,
they’ve got it all. I often joke with my mom that I need adult supervision (as an adult
myself) when I step inside because I might go in for my dog’s probiotics and end up
walking out with a new pair of Wrangler jeans, Hey Dude shoes, a Kimes ball cap,
shavings, and peppermint horse cookies! It’s just too easy to get carried away with all
the great items they have.

Credit: Cowboy Lifestyle Network


To pass time, some people go to Target to walk around, but for me, it’s all about
Shoppers Supply! Whether it’s exploring the aisles or checking out the latest deals, I’m
a loyal shopper at all three of their locations. There’s just something special about the
variety they offer!

  • Apache Junction
    • 1477 West Apache Trail Apache Junction, Arizona 85120
  • Chandler
    • 2880 South Alma School Road Chandler, Arizona 85286
  • Gilbert
    • 8454 S Power Road Gilbert, Arizona 85297
Credit: Cowboy Lifestyle Network
Credit: Cowboy Lifestyle Network

Amazing Customer Service

The employees at Shoppers Supply are always friendly and eager to assist. Every time I
walk in, I’m asked, “Are you finding everything okay?” or “Is there something specific
you’re looking for?” As a shopper, I really appreciate that, especially since I sometimes
feel nervous about approaching someone to ask a question.

Credit: Cowboy Lifestyle Network

As a woman, there are times when I prefer not to load my own feed into the truck bed.
It’s great to be able to go to the cash register, have the front call for a loading ticket,
pull my truck around, and have them handle the loading for me. The guys in the back
are always so helpful and make the process smooth and easy. It’s a service I truly value.

Credit: Cowboy Lifestyle Network
Credit: Cowboy Lifestyle Network

Great Prices and Deals

Shoppers Supply has fantastic prices and deals that I absolutely love. One of the
highlights for me is their monthly sales on 12 different items, called the “monthly dirty
dozen.” This month, I scored big with 3 horse masks for just $40.00! You really can’t beat
those prices, especially when it comes to essentials for my horses. I swear by the
quality and affordability they offer. It’s why I keep coming back month after month!
You can find all of their monthly dirty dozen deals in-person or online at

Credit: Cowboy Lifestyle Network

So if you are ever in the valley, I recommend that you head on down to Shoppers
Supply. Their friendly staff, wide selection, and unbeatable deals make it a must-visit
for any animal lover.

Credit: Cowboy Lifestyle Network

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Anna Butler, a resident of the Grand Canyon State, is an avid equestrian. Outside of work, she immerses herself in the great outdoors, whether it's riding in rodeos with the Cowgirls Historical Foundation, exploring nature with friends and family, or engaging in her passions for event planning, reading, hiking, camping, and kayaking. Anna is grateful for the chance to spread her love for rodeo and western way of life with the audience of Cowboy Lifestyle Network.

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