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Saba’s boots fit your stride

Whether your boots are made for walking, working or boot-scooting, you’ll find a great selection of cowboy boots at your local Saba’s Western Wear store.

Saba's Boots fit your stride

Saba's boots fit your strideWhether your boots are made for walking, working or boot-scooting, you’ll find a great selection of boot choices at your local Saba’s Western Wear store. Two well-known boot brands offered at Saba’s stores are Tony Lama and Lucchese.
Tony Lama boots represent a long history in boot crafting. Boot maker Tony Lama started as an apprentice in the shoemaking industry in 1911 at age 11. He learned the industry then joined the U.S. Cavalry as a cobbler for soldiers stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas. After his military service, he married and settled in the border town of El Paso, opening a shoe and boot repair shop.
Tony Lama bootsLama made boots in his shop too, which quickly became popular. In his first year with just one employee, Lama sold 20 pairs of boots. Demand for his handcrafted, custom-made boots increased as cowboys and ranchers throughout the area heard about the boots and their quality. Now, more than 100 years later, Tony Lama’s business lives on and continues to craft quality, stylish boots for men, women and kids. You can find them in your local Saba’s store or on the Saba’s website.
Saba’s stores also offer Lucchese boots, often regarded as the “Cadillac” of boots, and another product with a long history. Brothers Salvator and Joseph Lucchese founded the Lucchese Boot Company in 1883. Born in Italy to a shoe maker father, they immigrated to the United States with their family before settling in San Antonio. In 1883, the brothers opened a boot making shop at Fort Sam Houston, a San Antonio-based US Cavalry school.
Lucchese bootsBusiness grew and the founders’ siblings and younger generation carried on the company. The Lucchese family continued to use top-quality leather and to study every bone, nerve and muscle in the foot to add to their expertise. According to the Saba’s website, Lucchese boots have been worn by presidents, kings, film legends and Wall Street moguls. You’ll find a special display of Lucchese boots in most Saba’s stores.
When you’re ready to shop for boots, visit your local Saba’s store in person or online for great selection and quality!

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