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So You Want to Date a Cowboy

Let’s be honest. There’s something about a guy in a cowboy hat that gets most ladies’ hearts beating just a tiny bit faster than its regular rate. Add some Wranglers and cowboy boots and most women have a hard time avoiding the situation. Maybe it’s the slight air of mystery that the brim of the cowboy hat provides? You don’t really know what’s under the hat, hair or no hair, personality or lack thereof, chivalry or not. Maybe it’s that cowboys are commonly known for their manners, respect, and ability to dance. Either way, if you decide to date a cowboy, there are some things you should know.

Cowboys are dedicated. Dedicated to their profession, whether it’s raising cattle, training horses, or even an office job, dedicated to their families (can you say momma’s boys), and dedicated to your relationship. But with great dedication sometimes comes great sacrifice. Unless you are willing to jump in the truck and ride along to feed the cows, you might not see him all that much.

Speaking of jumping into trucks, consider this your warning. Sure, your cowboy likes the idea of you riding shotgun with him as he checks horses, feeds cows, and enjoys a drive down a bumpy back road. But he’s also pretty stoked that he has a built-in gate opener. And I’m not talking about the automatic kind.

If the relationship progresses to the point where he invites you on a ride, great! Horses and riding out can be an excellent chance for extra bonding. Sometimes it will be roses and daisies and pretty mountains. Other days it’ll be cattle scattering the wrong direction and him yelling at you to “Get your a$$ around them!” Or hours upon hours of listening to beer cans popping open and fence checking to the point of delirium.Β 

Also, a piece of advice from one cowboy-loving woman to another: load your horse in the trailer last. That way, yours is the first to get out of the trailer, which reduces the odds of you being left in the dust as he rides away in a flurry on whatever mission he’s on that day. We hope you enjoyed these heart-felt points on what it’s like to date a cowboy, we would love to hear your experiences with dating cowboys too!

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With a life entrenched in the western lifestyle and agriculture, my goal is to share worthwhile, intriguing, and exciting stories of the rodeo world, ranchers and farmers, the outdoor lifestyle, and more. Currently, I reside on a working cattle ranch in the iconic Superstition Mountains in Arizona where I like to jump in and play cowgirl when I’m not sharing the stories of the cowboy lifestyle. Follow me on Instagram or TikTok!

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